Buying Rolling Papers in Bulk

by Chris Husong

Buying Rolling Papers in Bulk
Why buy rolling papers in bulk?

The question is, why wouldn’t you buy rolling papers in bulk? 

If you or someone you love digs smoking joints, buying rolling papers in bulk will make life a bit sweeter.

Here’s why you should consider buying your joint rolling papers in bulk from your favorite brands.

1. Save money and time

Why does anyone buy anything in bulk ever? To save money and time. Whether toilet paper or rolling papers, buying in bulk will save you cash, albeit sometimes not in huge amounts. The other major value of bulk buying is the time that it saves. Instead of driving or walking to the local head shop or convenience store (if they even sell rolling papers), your papers will always be on hand when you need them. 

2. It’s more eco-friendly

Each time you or a friend needs to drive to go out and get papers, your carbon footprint gets a little larger. We’re not trying to shame anybody, but receiving one shipment of rolling papers in bulk versus 10 trips to the local head shop? It adds up. This is a little thing, but you can feel good about yourself nevertheless. 

3. You always have a stoner gift on hand

We all know the feeling of realizing a bit too late that it’s someone’s birthday or that it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, somebody’s day that warrants a present. Sure, joint rolling papers aren’t anything insanely special, but any stoner will look at you and smile if you hand them a pack with a ribbon on it. Even if you skip the ribbon, you can give these to a joint smoker any day and get a lot of gratitude in return.

4. You can pay it forward

Speaking of gratitude, why not pay it forward when you have a few extra rolling papers on hand? Is a stoner you know down on their luck? Brighten their day with a pack. Or perhaps someone asks you to borrow a paper—go ahead, give them 4 instead. You have plenty to spare.

5. You might even use less herb

When you have a limited amount of rolling papers on hand, you’re inevitably going to roll larger joints. That, of course, means using more herb, which, let’s face it, will be smoked sooner rather than later. Consider this: You might use less herb if you get in the habit of buying your rolling papers in bulk. It’s a different mindset when you know you have so many. You can roll super-tiny joints and not feel the need to make giant sausages every time you want to smoke.

6. They come right to your door

As you know, stoners come in all forms, so not everybody wants to be seen at a brick-and-mortar head shop. There are also many of us who are just lazy and would prefer not to leave the house to get our smoking accessories. If you order rolling papers in bulk online, they will come right to your door in discreet packaging, depending on who you get them from.

7. You can still get your favorite brands

At Headshop, you can buy rolling papers in bulk from your brand of choice in the aforementioned discreet packaging. Here are a few of the top-selling brands to choose from:

8. You can get bulk rolling papers even cheaper during an online sale.

Headshop is known to have multiple sales in honor of all those days we want to celebrate. If you buy your rolling papers in bulk online from us, you can potentially get an even bigger discount than just the bulk purchase provides. 

9. You can add more stoner goodness and get your rolling papers delivered for FREE.

Headshop offers FREE shipping for orders over $75. Need a grinder? Grab it. Get everything delivered in one fell swoop, fast and free, and become the world’s most efficient stoner!

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