OCB Rolling Papers

    OCB’s natural rolling papers run the gamut from Brown Rice, Bamboo, Organic Hemp, Virgin, Premium, Solaire, Sophistique, Noir, and X-Pert to Ultimate. Customers prefer OCB for rolling paper that is reliable and burns slowly and evenly for a quality smoke every time.

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    OCB Premium rolling paper - Headshop.com
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    About OCB

    The company’s natural process of creating rolling papers originated just outside Ergue-Gaberic, France. The cool waters of the River Odet powered the mill starting in 1822 and also served as one of the first ingredients.

    For almost 100 years, letter, cotton, and muslin paper were the company’s specialty, but in 1917 that all went up in smoke. As rolling tobacco became the trend, the company bought the Cascadec paper mill and started crafting the finest rolling papers in the world. OCB knew its craft and its passion, so it finally stamped its name on it in 1918. Over the next 100 years, OCB—USA came to represent the company’s very best.

    Hemp Rolling Paper

    Since the beginning, textile fibers have been OCB’s go-to, but in 2009 experienced a breakthrough when it introduced the first all-natural rolling paper made of organic hemp grown in France which was a sensation.

    Wood Pulp Rolling Paper

    Virgin is a paper made of sustainable wood fibers. First introduced in 2019, this ultra-thin paper (unbleached) was more eco-friendly and provided a more enjoyable way to roll.

    Bamboo Rolling Paper

    As one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, bamboo was the perfect paper ingredient. So, OCB rolled out the first and only slow-burning, ultra-thin bamboo rolling paper in 2020.

    Rice Rolling Paper

    OCB's latest rolling papers are crafted from ethically sourced, responsibly harvested brown rice fibers from France’s Camargue river delta. 

    Rolling Paper Sizes

    In terms of sizes, OCB offers 1-1/4 , slim, and single wide. For those who just can’t roll, no rolling is required with OCB cones. Also, the original OCB Classic Rollers are compact and lightweight for a reliably perfect roll every time.