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    At Headshop, we carry a nice selection of high-quality filters and tips for hand-rolled cigarettes that will filter out any of the larger herbs without burning your lips and fingers. Perfectly styled and shaped, we think you’ll agree that these filters and tips will improve your smoke.
    29 products
    710 Ready Mix - 1ml Syringe w/ 2 Tips
    6 Pack of Marley Natural Inside Glass Filter - 7mm
    PILOTDIARY MJ420 Glass Blunt
    King Palm - Corn Husk Filter (10mm)(24 Count)
    King Palm - Berry Terps Filters (50 pack)
    King Palm - Corn Husk Filter (9mm)(24 Count)
    JWL - Rolling Glass Tips Diamond Filter (50 pack)
    from $200.00
    Zen Blue Joint Tips
    Mini Glass Blunt
    Hand carved spiral joint tip
    Hand carved Tanzanian joint tip
    Philter Pocket
    King Palm Corn Husk Filters 5ct
    Rowll - King Size Extra Slim Rolling Papers w/ Filters, Grinder & Rolling Surface (Display of 20 w/ 32 Papers per Pack)
    Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips
    Raw Natural Unrefined Tips (Display of 50)
    Raw Chemical And Chlorine Free Tips Pre-rolled (20 Count)
    Raw Chemical And Chlorine Free Roll-up Tips (50 Count)
    Zig-Zag Wood Tips Box of 12
    Raw Hemp & Cotton Perforated Wide Tips (50 Count)
    RAW Black Perforated Tips (50 Count Display)
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    Higher Standards Glass Filter Tips
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    Palm Non-flavored Tips
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    NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips - Green
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    Honey Dabber II Quartz Replacement Tip
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    Vibes Tips Box
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    G Pro Filter Screens
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    Volcano Hybrid Air Filter Set
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    G Pro Mouthpiece Sleeve