MJ Arsenal

    MJ Arsenal is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative yet affordable smoking devices, offering their own trademarked line of water pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, bangers, nails, accessories, and much more. Innovation, functionality, and affordability are what sets MJA apart from its competitors.

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    MJ Arsenal Dubbler - Headshop.com
    MJ Arsenal Dubbler
    MJ Arsenal - Banger Pack (includes quartz banger, and two silicone attachments) - Headshop.com
    MJ Arsenal - Banger Pack (includes quartz banger, and two silicone attachments)
    The company is able to find opportunities to provide high-quality glass at reasonable value without sacrificing anything.

    About MJ Arsenal

    MJ Arsenal’s co-founder, Josh Camitta, is an avid cannabis product designer. Josh and a friend established Mary Jane’s Arsenal (MJA) and launched the company’s popular product debut, the Wand. Josh then began developing the original Blunt Bubbler and Joint Bubbler ideas with patents pending for design and utility. MJA’s product line today consists of the original collectable blunt bubblers and joint bubblers, along with their trademark mini rigs.

    The company firmly believes in form following function with products that are “function-centric.” Many of the aesthetics MJ Arsenal works with are tried and true shapes found in the industry. The company uses these like a canvas and then builds out a new user experience from a similar recognizable “shell.” 

    They also prototype ideas quickly, undergoing several iterations before launching a new design. This has allowed the company to push the limits of their creativity while still being able to add functional and unique components in every design. Through small tweaks, they have discovered new ways to filter smoke better, prevent water from spilling, and keep glass cleaner. Watch MJ Arsenal for more collaborations and limited-edition releases with other cannabis companies in the future.

    MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe

    One of their popular new releases is the MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe for flower that was inspired by a Southeast Asian pipe that was several hundred years old. The Cache bong offers a unique storage jar attached to the beaker basin of the water pipe, so users can keep flower fresh, dry, and handy right alongside the Cache.