Honey Dabber

    The HoneyDabber is a simple and convenient glass concentrate straw. Not only is it durable, but it also eliminates the need to wait for the hot tip to cool down after the straw is used. A clever wooden sleeve that is removeable was invented to protect the hot tip as well as the user.

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    In addition to the HoneyDabber, Honey Labs also offers straws, accessories and replacement parts, limited editions, apparel and gear, and customization. What began as a gift to a friend has grown into what Honey Labs is today. And with that growth the company promises to continue to develop new products with the same care and craftsmanship.

    The line of Sacred Geometry Totems HoneyDabbers are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a durable and portable concentrate straw. Each HoneyDabber is handcrafted from locally sourced North American hard woods, laser engraved with a variety of animal designs from owls to lions to bears and sealed with natural linseed oil.

    About the HoneyDabber

    In 2015, the owner, inventor, and founder of Honey Labs, Greg, decided to make his friend a durable glass concentrate straw as a Christmas gift (because his broke). He quickly realized what a great invention it was, so he decided to start a company and Honey Labs was born.

    This is the only glass concentrate straw that can be put away hot using Honey Labs patented design for a removable heat resistant wooden sleeve that protects the user from the hot tip after every use. Tips are fully replaceable, and customers have the option to use titanium or quartz.

    Quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are Honey Labs main priorities. The company takes pride in its work and is delighted to create a device that so many people love and enjoy. Designed for people of all walks of life, HoneyDabbers are easily portable.