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    Super Scrubber Duckys Starter Kit - Magnetic Glass Scrubbers -
    Super Scrubber Duckys Starter Kit - Magnetic Glass Scrubbers
    The Puffco Enthusiast's Dab Rig Station for All Things Puffco
    Stashe Grinder (N.Y.A.G) 5 Piece
    from $12.00
    BLAZE Wooden Rolling Tray
    BULLDOG Smell Proof Bag
    The Battpak by OCTAVE - Power Bank and Travel Safe -
    The Battpak by OCTAVE - Power Bank and Travel Safe -
    The Battpak by OCTAVE - Power Bank and Travel Safe
    GRAV® 3-Piece Grinder -
    GRAV® 3-Piece Grinder -
    GRAV® 3-Piece Grinder
    SABR Torch Lighter -
    SABR Torch Lighter -
    SABR Torch Lighter
    Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz -
    Higher Standards Cotton Swab Dreamz -
    Higher Standards Cotton Swab Dreamz
    Evak Glass Container -
    Evak Glass Container -
    Evak Glass Container
    from $10.99
    Piece Water Solution 12 Fl oz All Natural Pipe Water Alternative -
    Piece Water Solution 12 Fl oz All Natural Pipe Water Alternative -
    Piece Water Solution 12 Fl oz All Natural Pipe Water Alternative
    Butterfly Dab Tool -
    Butterfly Dab Tool -
    Butterfly Dab Tool
    Ascent Straight Glass Adapter -
    Ascent Straight Glass Adapter
    from $26.95
    Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack
    INNOVA Plus The Best Dab Cleaning ISO Station
    The Ultimate Titanium Dab Tool Set With Pearl Green Handle
    Black Cleaning Plugs for Cleaning, Storage, and Odor Control of Glass Water Pipes & Rigs -
    Black Cleaning Plugs for Cleaning, Storage, and Odor Control of Glass Water Pipes & Rigs -
    Black Cleaning Plugs for Cleaning, Storage, and Odor Control of Glass Water Pipes & Rigs
    Metal bowl slide with clip -
    Metal bowl slide with clip -
    Metal bowl slide with clip
    from $5.10
    Leaf Bowl -
    Leaf Bowl -
    Leaf Bowl
    from $19.99
    Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler -
    Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler -
    Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler
    Linea Ashcatcher -
    Linea Ashcatcher -
    Linea Ashcatcher
    Devil Incarnate Touch Screen Lighter -
    Devil Incarnate Touch Screen Lighter -
    Devil Incarnate Touch Screen Lighter
    Metallic Color Glass 6 slits downstem -
    Metallic Color Glass 6 slits downstem -
    Metallic Color Glass 6 slits downstem
    from $7.70
    Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit -
    Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit -
    Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit
    Color-Glass open ended 6 slits downstem -
    Color-Glass open ended 6 slits downstem -
    Color-Glass open ended 6 slits downstem
    Cleaning Caps -
    Cleaning Caps -
    Cleaning Caps
    Walnut Ring -
    Walnut Ring -
    Walnut Ring
    Universal Cleaning Plugs -
    Universal Cleaning Plugs -
    Universal Cleaning Plugs
    from $6.99
    Glass bowl slide Tape A for 9 mm female joint -
    Glass bowl slide Tape A for 9 mm female joint -
    Glass bowl slide Tape A for 9 mm female joint
    Joint Converter with handle -
    Joint Converter with handle -
    Joint Converter with handle
    DabLabz 30ml Fruit Terpenes Liquidizer -
    DabLabz 30ml Fruit Terpenes Liquidizer -
    DabLabz 30ml Fruit Terpenes Liquidizer
    Glass popper bowl with color handle -
    Glass popper bowl with color handle -
    Glass popper bowl with color handle
    Metal bowl slide -
    Metal bowl slide -
    Metal bowl slide
    from $3.06
    Grav Labs Gravitron Bubbler Bowl -
    Grav Labs Gravitron Bubbler Bowl
    Genie Glass 4 arms diffuser downstem -
    Genie Glass 4 arms diffuser downstem -
    Genie Glass 4 arms diffuser downstem
    Piranha Quartz Directional Carb Cap -
    Piranha Quartz Directional Carb Cap
    SOUL Replacement Downstem -
    SOUL Replacement Downstem -
    SOUL Replacement Downstem
    SOUL 14mm Logo Bowl -
    SOUL 14mm Logo Bowl -
    SOUL 14mm Logo Bowl
    Krave Glass 14mm Bowl -
    Krave Glass 14mm Bowl -
    Krave Glass 14mm Bowl
    from $34.99

    Smoking Accessories

    If you enjoy smoking weed, you’ve come to make a ritual of it. Whether you’re more into joints, pipes, bongs, or dabs, you need to keep some good accessories on hand. Some accessories are self-explanatory—obviously, you need a good lighter (maybe a torch), an ashtray, and some rolling papers. Other accessories you may not have even considered!

    It's fun when you smoke out of a bong, but the smoke can be a little too harsh if you don’t have the right equipment. Make your smoking experience smoother with a few handy items.

    There’s the traditional joint, and now, there are more potent ways to enjoy your high. If you have a dab rig or are thinking of getting one, you should know what accessories go with it. Both the traditional and newer ways of getting high are enjoyable, and whatever you choose, you’ll need some high-quality stash gear to keep all your goods in one safe location. We cover some of your options and also list a few vape accessories. Plus, if you’re a newbie, we list the accessories you have to get started the right way.

    Bong Accessories

    Whether you’re a new smoker or your decades in, you know you have to have a good bong on hand. But a bong isn’t a bong without all the proper bong accessories. You can dress it up, make for a smoother smoking experience, and just kind of start collecting accessories that spruce up your stoner arsenal. Below, we cover some of the bong accessories you have to add to your shopping list—some of which you may not have even thought of.

    Ash Catchers

    If you’ve been smoking for a while, you have definitely sucked ash straight into your bong water. It can totally throw a wrench into an otherwise pleasant high. You need an ash catcher to prevent that from happening with your bong. 

    These are water pipe attachments that stop ash from getting into your bong, dirtying the water, and making it smell. Sometimes these come along with percolators but not always. Ultimately, this accessory can be attached to your bong stem. 

    It serves as a filter between your bowl and the bong itself. With an ash catcher, your bong stays a lot cleaner for a lot longer, and your smoking experience is also significantly smoother due to this added filtration accessory.

    Bowl Screens

    Kind of like an ash catcher, a bowl screen adds a level of filtration to keep ash from getting where it’s not supposed to go. These are small, circular, metal screens that you use in your bowl to prevent any clogging. Trying to smoke a bowl when it’s clogged is frustrating, mainly because you’re just trying to chill out, and the clogged bowl makes it impossible. Keep several bowl screens on hand, so you never have to worry about that again. Instead, when you sit down to pack your bowl, it’s ready to go.

    Diffused Downstems

    A diffused down stem is a simple but super effective tool that adds filtration and diffusion at the bottom of the stem. These are great accessories when you need to enrich your smoking experience. 

    They are, perhaps, an accessory for a more seasoned stoner, but even if you’re a newbie, you’ll find that these make a massive difference in how much smoother the smoke is. While coughing up a lung seems like a normal part of using a bong, it doesn’t have to be. 

    You can make bongs ultra-comfortable. That means you can enjoy all the nuanced effects of your favorite strain without feeling like you can’t breathe.


    Similar to a diffused down stem, a percolator is also known for its ability to create a smoother smoking experience. Typically, percolators are already included with a specific bong model. They all have a unique design, but they all work the same to ensure that your smoke is extra filtered and cooler, so you have a more comfortable smoke. 

    Usually, percolators and ash catchers are used interchangeably, but the primary difference is that a percolator already comes as an included accessory with specific bong types. Ash catchers are removable, which ultimately makes them different from one another.

    Quartz Bangers

    This one is fun. A quartz banger can turn your bong into a dab rig. That’s right, you don’t have to go and fully invest in your own dab rig when you have a perfectly good bong at home. All you need is this accessory to transform your bong. 

    A regular bowl can’t withstand the heat temperatures that dabs require. However, when you buy a quartz banger, you can enjoy your dabs at any time without having to invest too much in a completely different product.

    Glass Bowl Attachments

    Sure, a regular old glass bowl does the job, but does it express your personality? Not really, unless you’re just a bland stoner, but there’s no such thing. You can check out tons of different glass bowl attachments for bongs that add personality, an element of fun, and just make your bong a lot more attractive. 

    You can get bigger bowls, smaller bowls, nubs to have better grip, and any design under the sun you can think of. From being practical to just adding more pizzazz, glass bowl attachments are a must to keep on hand for your bong.

    Res Caps

    These small little life-saving attachments don’t affect your smoking experience, but they help keep your bong from spilling water and from smelling too much. 

    Sometimes, you pack your bong for travel. When that’s the case, you want to make sure that any smells or liquids are well contained. We all know the smell of spilled bong water. It’s not pleasant. 

    Keep some of these useful accessories with you if you plan to travel with your bong.

    Dab Accessories

    Dabbing has been transformed by stoners looking for a more intense high. Initially, it was a unique activity reserved for only a few of the most elite weed smokers. However, now it’s easily accessible to anyone and offers a torch-blazing way to get the maximum chill. Check out the dab accessories below.

    Carb Caps

    Carb caps allow you to control the airflow on your dab rig. It’s a small tool that you can use to enhance your overall experience. These are typically made with different materials like glass or quartz, but sometimes you can find titanium carb caps. 

    If you like to take dabs faster, this is a great accessory to have alongside your dab rig.

    Dabber Tools

    You know that dabber tools help with keeping your dabs consistent. There are tons of styles you can find, and they’re made with different high-quality materials to withstand the heat temperatures that dab rigs require. You may even find some custom blend pieces to add personality to your dab rig.

    Concentrate Containers

    When you travel with your dab rig, you also need concentrate containers to keep your dabs safe. Your oils and concentrates are typically smelly, and keeping them all contained ensures that you don’t get yourself in trouble when you’re out in public. You can find a wide variety of styles to match your preferences.

    Dab Tool Carrying Case

    You obviously have to protect your dab rig and all the accessories you buy. Lock up all your favorites with a dab tool carrying case. This keeps all your stuff safe and away from prying eyes.

    Rolling Papers

    Ah, a classic joint. Grinding up your weed, rolling it up, licking it closed, and sparking up—it’s an every-stoner ritual. There are different types of rolling papers, and your favorite is likely the first we list below.


    Hemp is one of the most popular rolling papers because of its familiar taste and because it’s all related to the cannabis plant. Some people even make their own hemp rolling papers to keep everything organic. These are made from dried-up cannabis leaves, and even people who smoke tobacco tend to lean toward hemp papers! They’re that good.


    It’s not just a base for all your favorite foods. This is actually one of the most common materials used for rolling papers. In fact, rice rolling papers became more popular and mostly replaced the next type of material.

    Wood Pulp

    If you’re a long-time stoner, you’ve probably used wood pulp rolling papers. These types of rolling papers are still available today, but they have lost a bit of their appeal. Typically, you can identify these rolling papers because they’re ultra-thick and bleached white.


    Whether you’re packing a regular bowl or grinding up flower to insert into a flower vape, you need a good grinder. Long gone are the days when there was only one style. You can find several different types of grinders with unique features that you may not have considered.

    Card Herb Shredder

    This isn’t your traditional grinder. In fact, it’s not quite a grinder. However, it does cut up your weed. Sometimes, carrying a grinder around may be too bulky, so you always have the option to use card herb shredders. 

    You can tuck these easily into your wallet and take them with you when you’re on the go. Sometimes they’re made with plastic and sometimes with metal, but their purpose is the same no matter the material: they’re made to shred flower.

    Two-Piece Herb Grinder

    A two-piece herb grinder is a sleek design that makes grinding dry herb super easy. It’s straightforward to use—both the top and the base have grinding teeth to get your dry herb nice and broken up. 

    However, the bummer with a two-piece herb grinder is that there is no kief catcher. So, if you’re into saving and smoking your kief, this particular model may not be for you.

    Three-Piece Grinder

    You’re probably more familiar with a three-piece herb grinder. This one has that extra chamber to collect pieces of your dry herb. The top chamber and the middle chamber have those grinding teeth, and any herb pieces that fall out get caught. This way, you’re never wasting any weed.

    Four-Piece Grinder

    This is where things got a little more appealing. When you add this fourth chamber to an herb grinder, you can save the kief that you’re otherwise losing. This one has the grading teeth on the top and second chambers, a third chamber that catches any bud, and the fourth magic chamber that catches all your kief.

    Five-Piece Grinder

    As if four chambers were enough! No, this five-piece herb grinder is similar to the four-piece, but it separates your kief into two chambers.

    Did you even know that was a thing? Well, it is. 

    There are two forms of kief. Essentially, there is a dirty version and a cleaner version. With a five-piece herb grinder, you can separate the dirty kief from the clean kief. If you’re deep into your stonerhood, you already know this. If you’re newer, welcome to the club!

    Stash Gear

    You’re gathering all the goods—of course, you need a place to stash it all! Whether you just want to keep a neat stoner section in your home, or you like to travel with all your stuff, you need some solid stash gear.

    Stash Box

    Stash boxes come in different styles and sizes. Some are designed to look like other regular items like water bottles or makeup cases. If you’re trying to be discreet, look for this type of stash box. 

    Other stash boxes are made with wood, and it’s pretty obvious what they are. These are best kept at home, where no one will give you a side-eye. 

    You can find stash boxes made from different materials like steel, metal, plastic, and of course, wood. Some stash boxes are better for travel because they keep any stink from escaping, and they’re lockable.

    Ash Tray

    Every stoner needs a good ashtray. Actually, you should probably have more than one. This is where you collect your roaches and where some of your dry herb ends up. Select from small ones, larger ones, plain ones, or ones with artistic designs. It’s a must-have accessory because it serves a practical purpose. 

    Some of these other accessories are more for fun but this is just something you need to have if you plan to smoke weed.

    Odor Control

    If you’re a stoner, you enjoy the skunk-like smell of powerful, potent marijuana. However, the smell is pretty offensive for people who don’t smoke weed. If everyone in your home is 420-friendly, odor control isn’t really an issue. However, if you need to be more discreet with your weed use, you need some good odor control accessories. 

    Whether it’s a stash box, a carrying case, or some kind of bag or backpack, you need to be able to trap odors. This way, you can enjoy your stash when you’re free to do so, and you don’t have to worry about anyone sniffing around your stuff.

    Vape Accessories

    Simple and portable, vapes are awesome for enjoying your weed. Despite their simplicity, you do need a few accessories.


    Portable vapes require batteries. There’s nothing worse than puffing on your vape and the battery’s dead. Then, you have to wait until it charges to enjoy your high. 

    These extra minutes can add to your stress if you’ve had a bad day. Instead of relying on a single battery, pick up a couple and always have them charged. They’re inexpensive enough! 

    That way, you don’t have to wait around for a single minute when you’re just trying to get high and chill out.


    You know that you need to replace the coils regularly to keep your vape running smoothly. And depending on how much you vape, you may need to replace your coils every week or maybe every three weeks. 

    Admittedly, stoners can be forgetful, but when it comes to such a crucial piece of equipment for your vape, you should always stay on top of it. Set a calendar reminder if you have to!

    Carrying Case

    Portable vapes are pretty small and can easily be lost. This is especially true when you’re smoking some really potent stuff. A vape could easily slip out of your hand and between your couch cushions. 

    Instead of a frantic search for your vape, keep a carrying case with it. It’s easier to find, keeps everything neatly contained, and saves you from wondering where your vape went!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What weed accessories are great for beginners?

    Just because you’re a beginner, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in some must-have accessories. For one, you need a grinder. Yes, you can use your fingers or nails, but ultimately, that sticky stuff on your fingertips is wasted. Kief is stoner gold! Be sure to invest in a good grinder like the five-piece we highlighted above so that you make the most of all your buds. 

    Another must-have is a pipe. This is the simplest way to smoke your weed, and it fits in the palm of your hand. To keep the ash from getting sucked through the pipe and hitting the back of your throat, make sure that you also incorporate a bowl screen. These are super affordable and protect your throat, so you don’t have any unfortunate mishaps. Plus, they prevent clogging, which is never any fun.

    When you get high, your eyes get red. They get all glassy, and that's fine if you’re into that look. But most people try to hide their high with eye drops. It’s a myth that eyedrops reduce your high. But some people really believe they do. 

    When you need to be discreet, just turn to your eye drops, and you’ll look a lot better. Plus, if you’re worried that somebody will find out you’re high, having eye drops on hand helps to reduce your paranoia.

     A good tray is another fun accessory to have where you can contain everything you use to smoke. Keep your pipe, lighter, weed stash, and ashtray all in one place.

    If you haven’t mastered the art of rolling joints yet, you might want to get a joint roller machine. This takes the frustration out of it and gets you to your high more quickly. Obviously, you need a good ashtray and a lighter, so make sure that you have those on hand as well. 

    If you will be smoking joints, get some good rolling papers. However, if you’re a newbie, you may want to smoke less than what a joint holds—a pipe is better for that.

    What’s the best way to store weed?

    First things first, an airtight container. The best of the best is glass, but there are some other materials that you could use. Assuming you select a glass container, you’ll want to keep it in a cool place. 

    If you put it in a high-temperature environment, your dry herb will likely get a lot drier, and the terpenes may evaporate. Keep it simple, and stash it in your sock drawer or closet. 

    Another important consideration when storing weed is to keep it away from any moisture. Moisture can make your weed get moldy, and nobody wants to smoke moldy weed. Also, don’t store your weed in the fridge ever. There are too many fluctuating temperatures in there.

    Where should I store my bong?

    Glass pieces are breakable, and bongs aren’t the most inexpensive purchase. To protect your bong, you may want to keep it where you keep other breakables, like in a cupboard or a cabinet. 

    When you get high, you might get a little clumsy, and keeping your bong somewhere where you could knock it over may just cause you to—well, knock it over. Then, you have smelly bong water everywhere and potentially a broken bong. 

    Save yourself the hassle and keep it stored somewhere safe where there is protection against dust buildup and excess moisture.