Banana Bros

    Banana Bros. offers grinders and other products that ‘make it easy to take it easy.’ Their goal was to turn the traditional time-consuming, messy, and unpredictable process of grinding herbs into an automatic process as easy as a touch of a button.

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    Banana Bros.’ motorized grinder, OTTO, is an all-in-one cone making device that uses smart technology. OTTO grinds herb to perfection and then neatly fills raw fiber cones in literally seconds without any wasted herb or mess.

    Banana Bros. Brings a Whole New Level of Ease to the Smoking Experience

    Not only does OTTO work with dry herb, but it also works with wet, sticky, large, or small herb. Traditional hand grinders can crush buds unevenly and jam. But OTTO’s milling system can sense resistance to the blades and adjust accordingly. This patented technology brings a whole new level of ease to the smoking experience. This results in evenly milled herb for the finest consistency and flavor for tasty, evenly burning cone.

    Banana Bros. premium cones are available in standard kings and shorty cones, in addition to char-cool filter holders.

    How To Use the Motorized Grinder, OTTO, by Banana Bros. 

    Even for experienced smokers, rolling the perfect joint by hand is a challenge. Now, to use OTTO, just add your cone to the chamber and your flower into the milling chamber. With the touch of a button OTTO will mill your flower and dispense it into the cone. Just close it off and light it up. Rolling a joint has never been easier.

    In addition to OTTO and cones, Banana Bros. offers bundles, accessories such as carrying cases, and merchandise including t-shirts, caps, and hoodies. They also provide a discount for referring your friends, as well as a discount cone club.

    Banana Bros’ focus is on developing smart solutions for the industry. Look to Banana Bros. in the future for more modern twists to traditional herb products.