Afghan Hemp Paper

    Afghan Hemp rolling papers combine strength and thinness for a slow burning smoke. Hemp paper is lightweight and translucent, and without any dyes or additives that could affect the taste of your rolled up dried herb. Not only do hemp rolling papers burn long, but they also burn cleaner. In addition, they are safer because they are unbleached.

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    Afghan Hemp Offers Premium Rolling Paper Products

    The history of Afghan hemp started back in 1709 when a local tribal leader won a rebellion against the Safavids and gained Afghanistan’s independence.  After this, communities across the country were allowed to grow crops of their choice which included hemp. Ever since then, Afghanistan has produced some of the finest hemp fibers available in the world, albeit, not rolling papers.

    Afghan Hemp Modernized The Age-Old Process

    Modernizing the age-old process, Afghan Hemp offers premium rolling paper products. The company uses the best part of the dried fibrous hemp stems which is called the “bast”. The bast allows for the slowest and cleanest burn you’ll ever find in rolling papers.

    100% Organic, Ecofriendly & Tree-Free

    During processing, the fibers are broken down and the hemp pulp is then molded with a “deckle”, after which they are pressed and dried flat. The entire process of converting the plant material into the final product is 100% organic, ecofriendly, and tree-free for all the company’s pure and natural unrefined rolling papers, tips, blunt wraps, and pre-rolled cones.

    Premium Quality Hemp Rolling Papers

    Afghan Hemp continues to innovate to meet the demand for premium quality hemp rolling papers. Its line of hemp rolling paper products has expanded way beyond the booklets originally created, bringing more options depending on individual preference.

    Afghan Hemp Provides a Wide Variety of Products

    Today Afghan Hemp provides retail, wholesale, and private label services for a wide variety of products including their all new, rebranded smooth and slow-burning rolling paper booklets, as well as rolling machines, rolling trays, grinders, candles, hemp wicks, glass accessories and more.