Introducing BIGFUN!, where grinders are not just accessories; they're an experience. CNC milled from top-tier 6061 aluminum, these grinders redefine durability and efficiency. Available in small, medium, large, and XL. It's time to elevate your grinding game – the BIGFUN! way!

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    BIGFUN! Large Grinders -
    BIGFUN! Large Grinders -
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    BIGFUN! Large Grinders
    BIGFUN! Medium 2pc Grinders -
    BIGFUN! Medium 2pc Grinders -
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    BIGFUN! Medium 2pc Grinders
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    Stack the Poops Tower Game -
    Stack the Poops Tower Game

    About BIGFUN!

    BIGFUN! grinders aren't just about functionality; they're about unleashing the full potential of your sessions. The exceptional craftsmanship, efficient design, and premium materials make them an experience, not just a tool. Whether you opt for the XL, Large, Medium, or Small, BIGFUN! promises reliability, durability, and, most importantly, fun in every grind.

    Product Spotlights

    BIGFUN! XL Grinder

    The XL Grinder, boasting a 3” diameter, is a powerhouse of fun, promising uninterrupted enjoyment. The precision-engineered diamond-shaped teeth ensure a consistent grind, while mesh screens sift pollen perfectly, leaving behind undesirable plant matter. The premium anodized finish adds not just durability but an element of style to your sessions.

    BIGFUN! Large Grinder

    Meet the BIGFUN! Large Grinder, a 2.5” workhorse crafted for top-notch performance. With sharp diamond-shaped teeth, it ensures a consistent grind, making your sessions smoother and hassle-free. Mesh screens sift pollen perfectly, enhancing the overall experience. Built from high-quality 6061 aluminum using CNC milling, this grinder is not just a tool; it's an investment in lasting satisfaction.

    BIGFUN! Medium Grinder

    For daily grinding needs, there's the BIGFUN! Medium Grinder, a perfectly sized 2.2” companion. Efficient diamond-shaped teeth guarantee a smooth grind, and mesh screens sift pollen flawlessly, delivering a refined result. Crafted with the same precision and quality as its larger counterparts, this grinder is your ideal everyday companion.