The new Anomaly brand collection at Headshop features artfully aesthetic wood and glass pipes, bubblers, dugouts, grinders, and accessories to upgrade your sessions. Discover the harmonious blend of style and functionality plus meticulous craftsmanship in smoking devices that are a testament to elevating your entire smoking experience.

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    Anomaly Drift Bubblers -
    Anomaly Drift Bubblers -
    Anomaly Drift Bubblers
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    Anomaly Mighty Hitter Pipe - 4"/Walnut -
    Anomaly Mighty Hitter Pipe - 4
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    Anomaly Mighty Hitter Pipe - 4"/Walnut
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    Anomaly Mini Hitter Pipe - 3"/Walnut -
    Anomaly Mini Hitter Pipe - 3
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    Anomaly Mini Hitter Pipe - 3"/Walnut

    About Anomaly

    Welcome to Anomaly, where the cannabis experience becomes an artful lifestyle. Formerly Elevate Accessories, Anomaly is your go-to for premium wood and glass cannabis accessories, redefining classics with a modern twist. Based in Denver, Colorado, the flagship Colfax dugout and the popular Drift Bubbler epitomize its commitment to luxury and craftsmanship.

    In the Mile-High City, Anomaly merges exotic woods and quality glass, creating products that range from pipes to grinders, all made in the USA. More than just accessories, its products reflect a philosophy—they believe in standing out in the cannabis industry, offering a true work of art for those who seek more than just getting "stoned to the bone."

    Product Spotlight: Anomaly Drift Bubbler

    Anomaly's Drift Bubbler exemplifies this ethos. Precision-crafted, it's a fusion of style and functionality, providing a smooth, flavorful hit. The wooden base, available in signature maple or walnut, is not just about aesthetics—it's removable for easy cleaning. The large bowl and circular percolator ensure an elevated smoking experience. Choose from black, white, or smoke colors for the down-stem and percs.

    Specifications: Size: 6" tall (with bowl/mouthpiece), 4" tall (without bowl/mouthpiece), Base Diameter: 1 7/8", Bowl Diameter: 1 1/4", Bowl: 1/4" Male

    The package includes the Anomaly Drift Bubbler, Anomaly Bowl, and a convenient carrying pillow bag. Plus, enjoy an Anomaly sticker to showcase your style. With Anomaly, your smoking circle will notice the difference.

    Designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States.