Jane West

    The vision of Jane West's modern glassware product line plus an elegant set of one hitters and dugouts suits her aesthetic perfectly. Bringing cannabis into mainstream America, Jane ended up building a boutique cannabis lifestyle company that is owned 80% by women and people of color. It took the Jane West team about two years to launch the glassware, CBD, and travel collections.

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    As a proud daily cannabis user, Jane West has been called the Martha Stewart of cannabis. As a serial entrepreneur, she has managed to turn every corporate business failure into an inspirational challenge during her rise in the cannabis industry. In 2016, she established the first of its kind cannabis glassware and accessories company through crowdfunding and by raising capital from small investors.

    The Jane West Series

    The Jane West series is an art deco design concept scaled across all product styles and sizes. In collaboration with GRAV, their design team revamped old standards using new techniques to blend sharp edges with curves which ultimately makes this product line so distinctive. The bold use of cool cobalt glass, minty jade glass, and milky white glass (with more colors to come) reflects a sophisticated style for the feminine cannabis connoisseur.

    The White Cloud Collection

    Following the popular jade and cobalt collections, Jane West brings a new style for a new season. The unique pipe silhouettes in the white cloud collection developed by GRAV for Jane West bring to mind antiques in materials such as porcelain, milk glass, and alabaster. The collection is a revival of timeless classics that gives new meaning to pipe design and home goods.

    The Jane West Compact & Wand

    As part of her travel collection (and to make smoking as simple as touching up your makeup), The Jane West Compact is a compact case with a special compartment for a lighter and another for your stash. The Jane West Wand is another purse-ready one hitter to hold your stash and a poker.