Twisty Glass Blunt

    Twisty is the pipe that truly launched 7pipe. Now distributed around the world, the Twisty is often imitated, but there is only one original. It’s called the “paperless revolution.” Twisty shot the company to the forefront of the smoking industry. The Twisty even went viral on social media with 37 million video views on Facebook! Having caught the imagination of smokers around the world, the Twisty remains in demand worldwide.

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    Twisty Glass Blunt | Mini -
    Twisty Glass Blunt | Mini -
    Twisty Glass Blunt | Mini
    Twisty Glass Blunt | Slim -
    Twisty Glass Blunt | Slim
    Twisty Glass Blunt | Original -
    Twisty Glass Blunt | Original

    How Does the Twisty Work?

    The Twisty delivers the smoothest hits using Cool Pool technology. By doubling the length of the smoke path, the screw chills the smoke down which gives the augur more time to absorb the heat. The path lengthening properties of the screw and the heat sink both contribute to a hit that is 30% cooler. Enjoy fresh hits all day just by turning the mouthpiece which pushes fresh herbs forward.

    About the Twisty by 7pipe

    Designer Jeffrey Han founded 7pipe in 2007. Its first product was the 3pipe which was a 2-in-1 combo pipe and lighter. Eagle Eye Products bought the first and only batch which they rebranded as the “Hotshot”. The second and third product releases were the 7Pipe Classic and 7Pipe Pro which were also 2-in-1 combo lighter pipes but also included a glass bowl. The 7Pipe Pro was distributed to head shops throughout the U.S. and remained the company’s signature product for years before the Twisty was invented.

    Only the finest materials are used to manufacture the Twisty, albeit some of the most expensive pure metals. The Twisty is constructed with six layers of proprietary titanium coating and each layer serves an important engineering purpose. At 7pipe, only laboratories accredited by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are used to test products. The company also meets and exceeds the European Union RoHS standards for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.