O.pen's goal was to create the highest quality vape pens that could stand the test of time. Their 510-thread vaporizers were designed to work with THC cartridges, keeping ease of use in mind during the design process. With their products available in thousands of retail locations across the country, O.pen has become one of the bestselling vape pen brands today.

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    About O.pen

    O.pen was established in 2012 by six growers and dispensary owners who combined forces to develop a product to meet the growing demand for high quality cannabis oils and enhanced vaporizers. 

    Today O.pen has become one of the largest vaporizer brands in the industry. The company accomplished this by offering a vaporizor pen with superior features and a lifetime warranty. In addition, O.pen has partnered with Organa Labs to offer recreational users and medical patients healthier options to smoking and edibles that are safe.

    Safe & Easy to Use High-Quality Products

    At O.pen, the company believe that its products promote wellness and can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle for both recreational and medicinal purposes. We  anticipate the realization of the recreational and medical potential within the cannabis industry as it becomes less stigmatized. The company is excited to promote this effort by offering high-quality products that are safe and easy to use.

    O.pen began as a collaboration and the team continues to maintain that initiative. The company personally invests in every distributor by training them on O.pen products and giving them the collateral they need to be successful selling the O.pen brand. The company culture has always been focused on cooperation and community, and O.pen continues to embrace that in its business model.

    O.pen vape pens and cartridges are designed to work together. So, while another cartridge could work with an O.pen, the company cannot guarantee that other cartridges will work with an O.pen.