Introducing Evolv, a pioneer in revolutionizing vaping and dabbing technology. The Evolv brand features Cricket, the world's first real go-anywhere dab rig, and Reflex e-cigarette. Experience innovation firsthand with Evolv's exceptional products, available now at Headshop.

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    Evolv  Cricket Portable Dab Rig - Headshop.com
    Evolv  Cricket Portable Dab Rig - Headshop.com
    Evolv Cricket Portable Dab Rig
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    About Evolv

    Since its inception in 2008, Evolv has continuously pushed boundaries and introduced groundbreaking innovations. The journey began when Brandon Ward, a former smoker, sought to develop a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Teaming up with engineer John Bellinger, they founded Evolv, determined to reshape the landscape of smoking.

    Their first breakthrough, the Darwin E-cigarette, introduced regulated power control (wattage) to the market in 2010. This innovative technology ensured a consistent vaping experience, regardless of atomizer changes. The subsequent Kick and Kick2 modules brought battery safety to mechanical mods, enhancing user safety.

    Evolv's commitment to safety and innovation continued with the introduction of temperature control technology in 2014. The DNA 40 circuit board accurately measured and limited the temperature of the heating element, reducing harmful emissions. The release of the DNA 200 circuit board in 2015, accompanied by the EScribe software, allowed users to customize device parameters and monitor usage data.

    Product Spotlights


    In 2016, Evolv unveiled the Reflex e-cigarette, designed to mimic the draw of a traditional cigarette. By aligning the vaping experience with smokers' habits, the Reflex offered a seamless transition to e-cigarettes.


    Building on their success, Evolv launched Cricket, the world's first real go-anywhere dab rig. Crafted from billet stainless steel, Cricket delivers glass-smooth flavor and dense vapor in seconds. Its advanced features include adjustable temperature control, CFD-engineered airflow, and a glass chimney for a clean taste.

    Whether you're seeking cutting-edge technology or a familiar smoking experience, Evolv offers a diverse range of devices to meet your needs. From the Reflex's intuitive design to Cricket's portable dabbing capabilities, Evolv continues to redefine the future of smoking.