Piece water

    If you’ve been wishing for an easier way to keep your bong, bubbler, or rig clean, the Piece Water solution solves this problem and keeps your piece as clean as new! Using
    Piece Water will give you more time to enjoy your smoke as it eliminates the hassle of cleaning your dirty water pipe, bubbler, or dab rig.

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    Piece Water Bong Water Solution | 12oz - Headshop.com
    Piece Water Bong Water Solution | 12oz
    24PC CASE - Piece Water - Water Pipe Solution - 12oz - Headshop.com
    24PC CASE - Piece Water - Water Pipe Solution - 12oz

    How Does Piece Water Work?

    Piece Water uses a unique proprietary formula of minerals and vegetables with fruit extracts that help prevent residue and resin from building up inside your rig, bong, bubbler, or water pipe. It’s 100% safe, natural and completely non-toxic.

    The special ingredients in Piece Water help trap particulate matter. In comparison to regular tap water, the formula in Piece Water encourages more interactions from molecule to molecule. These bonds from molecule to molecule make the solution viscous, which traps smoke by-products and prevents residue and resin from forming.

    Benefits of Piece Water

    • Keeps your bong clean
    • Filters smoke particulate for cleaner and smoother hits
    • Higher viscosity for better draws and deeper pulls
    • Reduces smell between water changes
    • Nontoxic formula, no harsh chemicals
    • Precise formula, no mixing
    • Use only as much as you need
    • Store in the fridge for cool hits
    • Works great for both flower and concentrates

    How Do I Use Piece Water?

    Just add Piece Water to a clean bong and you’ll be amazed how long your bong remains clean and crystal clear without any resin buildup. When you’re ready to change the water in your pipe, rinse it out using tap water, and it will be pristine! Piece Water filters smoke particulate, which means your hits will be cleaner and smoother.

    You can change the Piece Water in your pipe as often as you like, it just depends on your personal preference. Piece Water customers have reported amazing results even after 40 bowls!