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    Everyone wants better health and wellness today – but what does that actually entail? And which wellness products are best designed to get you there? Keep reading to find out.

    What Is Wellness?

    “Wellness” is a buzzword that gets thrown around often. But what does it really mean?

    In short, wellness refers to the commitments we make to ourselves to achieve better health on a mental, physical, and spiritual plane.

    The central idea of the concept is that the mind, body, and spirit all work as one. And these aspects all inform each other—for instance, the way someone feels about themselves (mental health) will impact the way they relate to the world (spiritual health) and take care of themselves (physical health).

    Seen through this lens, symptoms like illness or physical pain aren’t seen as outside problems but as an indication that one or more of these aspects are out of alignment. And rather than treating the symptoms of a sickness, a wellness routine focuses on reestablishing balance between the three pillars of being to create optimal health.

    Still, wellness routines also focus on preventative care more often than not. The idea is that finding and maintaining this harmony will help a person better cope with daily life stressors, adapt more easily to change, and avoid falling into many common traps that lead to illness and other issues.

    This balance can be maintained through diet, exercise, therapy, and other routines and practices. And while many ancient modalities—including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine—and more modern concepts outline ideas for wellness routines, there are also several wellness products today that help people more easily take part in a lifestyle of self-care. 

    How to Build a Routine for Health and Wellness

    Setting up a routine for wellness can feel overwhelming. There are so many factors that could contribute to your well-being that you might not be sure where to start.

    But if you’ve already made it this far, take heart. Deciding to commit to a wellness routine is the first—and, usually, hardest—step. And the rest of the process can be pretty easy, too, if you keep a few factors in mind.

    Remember the Basics

    Many experts agree that a solid wellness routine should focus on three things in equal measure:

    • Diet
    • Movement
    • Mental well-being

    These important aspects can be fulfilled in a number of ways.


    In most concepts of wellness, diet and nutrition relate to eating whole, natural foods that offer healthy amounts of fat, fiber, and protein. But every person has different physiologies, needs, and even cultural or religious beliefs that may impact these choices—honoring them is also part of staying true to holistic health.

    Think about the types of foods or even dietary supplements that would benefit your body, and work to consciously include these into your routine. Practicing intuitive eating may also be beneficial.


    Daily movement is another part of a healthy wellness recipe, benefitting not just the body but the mind and soul.

    This movement can—and should—be varied throughout the day. For example, a good stretch can feel great in the morning, a brisk walk can help break up a long workday, and a regular exercise routine is also helpful.

    Partaking in an activity you like will make the movement feel more fun and help you stick to it, so don’t be afraid to get your activity from dancing, running, yoga, walking, or burning through a HIIT workout if that’s what you like.

    On the other side of the coin, it’s essential to take care of the vessel that does all this work for you. Relaxing your body in a nice bath, for instance, or maintaining a healthy skincare routine is a great way to not only give back to your body but keep it supple, healthy, and happy.

    Mental Health

    The final piece to the puzzle is mental health—and while aspects of diet and movement will contribute to better mental health, there are also practices you can engage in to help this area specifically.

    Practicing mindfulness or meditation can directly contribute to a stronger sense of calm and inner peace, quieting the mind and allowing it to notice and understand both the feelings and thoughts going on inside and the changing environment outside the body.

    Journaling is another excellent way to help mental health. You can use the method more traditionally by logging what you did in a given day or keeping track of things you need to do. Or you can use it in a more pointed way, making lists of things you’re grateful for or working out ideas that you want to work toward.

    Some people also find help by attending therapy or by taking different supplements.

    Do Some Research

    Indeed, there are several different methods and wellness products someone can use to build a healthy and sustainable wellness routine. And the best way to find these products and practices is by doing a bit of research.

    Again, everyone is different, which means everyone’s optimal wellness routine will look different. Consult trusted websites, talk to friends, and consult your doctors to better understand which strategies may be best for you.

    Be Good to Yourself

    Perhaps the most important aspect of a wellness routine is maintaining a mindset of self-compassion. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re doing this for yourself.

    If you skip a part of your routine one day, don’t feel bad. A routine is important but best when used as a reliable guide rather than an unbreakable law. Remind yourself that this is a journey filled with ups and downs, and though you may not yet be where you want to be, you’re one day closer than you were before. You can always wake up tomorrow and try again.

    Best Wellness Products for Natural Health

    Of course, routines are only part of building better health and wellness. A number of wellness products can help fill out those programs to help bring deeper nourishment and benefit to every aspect of your day—and every part of you.

    Wellness Products for Mental Health

    One of the best tools to help boost mental health and physical health is a wellness product known as cannabidiol, better known as CBD.

    Derived from the hemp plant, this practically magical compound has a hand in nearly every part of health thanks to its connection to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

    This structure extends nearly everywhere in the body. CBD taps into it directly, allowing the body to more quickly and easily recognize and correct any internal imbalances that lead to everything from physical pain to mental anxiety.

    And due to its adaptability, CBD comes in any number of forms and can be mixed with any number of other natural compounds to specifically help promote:

    Wellness Products for Physical Health

    Food may truly be the original wellness product when it comes to keeping the body healthy. Mother Nature cleverly packs all that grows with the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help our bodies stay healthy and strong.

    Still, even if you maintain a balanced diet, you might need a nutritional tweak. Vitamin supplements can be a great solution for someone looking to boost certain areas of their nutritional routine.

    The gut, which scientists increasingly believe to be the “second brain,” can also be supported by a number of natural supplements.  And wellness products can also help maintain stronger immunity and sexual health.

    Self-care is also a huge part of wellness, including taking care of what’s on the outside. And once again, nature can step in to provide better results. CBD, hemp flower, and other botanical ingredients can be whipped up to create some of the best skincare and beauty products out there.

     Plus, the body can directly benefit from the pain-relieving effects of cannabidiol, among other wellness products. Whether mixed into bath bombs, lotions, salves, or muscle creams, there are a number of tools to help your body alleviate pain and sink into deeper relaxation.

     Wellness Products for Spiritual/Emotional Health

     Functional mushrooms open a doorway to greater spiritual or emotional health for many people.

     These natural wonders work in two ways:

    • Medicinal mushrooms contain specific compounds, such as antioxidants, that directly and immediately benefit the body.
    • Adaptogenic mushrooms help the body adapt to the changing environment, fighting off any signs of sickness or even physical stress.

     When used carefully, wellness products made with these fantastic fungi can leave the body feeling better and help you relieve stress and more actively relate to the world around you.

     Essential oils are another great wellness product for boosting spiritual health. Whether infused in a soap, lotion, massage oil, or just used by themselves, these mixtures introduce an element of aromatherapy to the equation, and this technique has long been used to enhance everything from meditation to journaling to yoga routines, to help users create a deeper connection with the world.  

    Finding the Best Health and Wellness Products for You

    There are many factors to keep in mind when looking for the best wellness products.

    First and foremost, it’s important to remember what you want your routine to look and feel like. For example, do you partake in lots of physical movement and need more products for pain relief? Do you love to meditate and want to enhance that experience with essential oils? There are as many different ways to honor wellness as there are people—and nearly as many wellness products to help cater to those experiences.

    For this reason, it’s also important to research the various health and wellness products on the market before making a purchase. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, look for a brand selling it that’s reputable. Examine their ethos, ingredients, and even customer reviews to get a good idea of whether they’re worthwhile.

    And you may also want to consult with your doctor about starting any new herbal routines, depending on the type of health and wellness products you use.

    Regardless, with a little bit of work, you should be able to create a wellness routine that will pay back dividends, helping lead you to a healthier, happier, and more well-balanced life.

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    Bee's Knees Organic CBD Coffee - ½ Pound Bag - Headshop.com
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