Not only do rolling trays hold your dry herb and all your paraphernalia neatly in place, but they also help collect any ground herb that falls. At
    V Syndicate, the expression of a rolling tray is almost as important as its function. Offering killer designs in a range of sizes on glass, metal or wood, you are sure to find a tray you can roll with. Order yours at Headshop!

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    V Syndicate Clean Cut Non-Stick 2.2" Grinder

    About V Syndicate

    Founded in 2010, V Syndicate® is committed to developing innovative products in the smoking accessories industry. The company created the first wallet-sized flat grinder called the Grinder Card. This little tool is also eco-friendly since it utilizes only 5% of the metal in comparison to a metal grinder. To prevent rust, medical-grade stainless steel is used. Different flower texture options are possible because of the variety of teeth sizes. The Grinder Card can also be customized to suit your retail or wholesale business needs.

    V Syndicate Rolling Trays

    Considered the stoner’s ultimate tool, the idea behind rolling trays is simple – to revolutionize how we roll flower. Ideal for spreading out dry herb while rolling a joint or loading a glass piece, rolling trays are designed to enhance the user experience from the beginning of every session to the end.

    To ensure the best rolling experience, most rolling trays have smooth flat surfaces with curved edges. But the designs are the most amazing thing about these products. V Syndicate has licenses with many legendary artists and brands like Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, and Wiz Khalifa. V Syndicate offers a large variety of artistic designs, from classic stoner artwork inspired by iconic cartoons to trippy psychedelic rolling trays.

    In addition to rolling trays, V Syndicate also offers their Grinder Card, grinders, stash storage solutions, ash trays, and other accessories.