Wild Berry

    Wild Berry
    offers an incredible number of products and fragrances. Their product line includes incense, of course, in the form of sticks, cones, powders, oils, and wax melts. Choose from fragrance families including Fresh and Clean, Fruits, Florals and Greens, Earthy, Woods, Spicy, Foodlike, and Holiday.

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    Try Dragon’s Blood Incense Backflow Cones, Shooting Star Wax Melts, and incense in amazing fragrances that include Sunshine, Amber, Egyptian Musk, Raspberry Rose, Sage Santo, Strawberry, Blueberry Blast, Orange Creamsicle, and Horizon. One incense stick burns for about 1 hour, Cones and Shorties burn for about 30 minutes, while Biggies and Yardsticks burn for about 3 hours.

    About Wild Berry

    Founded by Marc Biales, The Wild Berry is known as “America’s Best Incense.” Wild Berry Incense has perfected their own blend of incense going back to 1971 and currently produces 90+ wonderful fragrances. Wild Berry Incense is sold in stores and online around the world. It’s the leading incense manufacturer in the United States! Wild Berry only uses premium quality fragrances. In addition, the company adds a secret ingredient to make sure that the fragrance remains fresh. This ingredient also ensures that the incense smells the same before burning as it does while burning.

    Wild Berry Incense is wildly popular because of the special method the company uses to make their incense more intense with higher quality fragrances. Because of the high demand, Wild Berry developed a merchandising system so retailers could offer their products anywhere in the world, like here at Headshop!

    Incense Smoke Camouflages Cannabis Smoke

    Weed smokers love incense! If you want to be less obvious that you’re trying to cover up the smell of cannabis, use one of the more natural smelling aromas. Another tip to prevent that overwhelming stinky smell is to burn incense BEFORE smoking weed.  This is because incense smoke can help camouflage any smoke still lingering in the air from cannabis.