Vodka Glass

    Vodka Glass
    is the most recent product lineup of superior quality glass water pipes and accessories at an affordable price point from Famous Brandz. Be sure to check out the Diamond Series by Vodka Glass. These gorgeous glass bongs come with thick diamond-cut glass accents which give them an extremely high-end look.

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    Vodka Glass 12" 9mm Bent Neck Beaker Bong -
    Vodka Glass 12
    Vodka Glass 12" 9mm Bent Neck Beaker Bong
    10.5" Vodka Rose Water Bubbler With 14mm Male Bowl - 1 Count -
    Vodka Rose Water 10.5" Bubbler With 14mm Male Bowl

    About Vodka Glass

    Vodka Glass is a relatively new brand in the smoking industry, but it’s already making quite a name for itself with its premium quality glass bongs that are available at a better price than the competition. If you’re looking for a high-quality bong that will last without costing you a fortune, then the incredible designs by Vodka Glass are worth checking out.

    Vodka Glass features elegant pieces produced by Famous Brandz as part of its Diamond Series. The series has an amazing selection of glass bongs with diamond-cut mouthpieces and bases that come with matching bowls. 

    Vodka Glass Rose Water Bubbler

    For example, the 10.5" Rose Water Bubbler with 14mm male bowl is a glass bubbler made of premium quality borosilicate glass. Perfect for dry herb, it’s equipped with a conical upper chamber, chandelier percolator, diamond-cut mouthpiece, base, and matching diamond-cut bowl. 

    The unique design of the Rose Water Bubbler not only looks cool, but it also creates what is called the Venturi effect as it compresses the central airpath. This effect reduces the velocity of the hits as it increases the length of time that the smoke cools within the glass walls of the pyramid chamber. 

    The rips you get from the mouthpiece with its pinched pyramid chamber are satisfyingly smooth due to the diamond-cut matrix percolator in the base.

    So, if you're looking for a showpiece that delivers the smoothest hits, the Rose Water Bubbler won't disappoint. It's functional, durable, and elegant. Essentially, it’s a bong that will take your dry herb experience to the next level.