offers a range of vaporizers and accessories to suit individual personal preference. There is a vape for those who want to savor dry herbs, either alone or with friends. And there is a vape for long-term use for those who want to enjoy essential oils and herbs together. Premium quality vaporizers are available in different sizes as well. So, if you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that allows you to savor the full flavor and pure effects of dry herbs, Vapir has got you covered.

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    What is Vaporization?

    The most important thing about vaporization is reaching the right temperature; the sweet spot is somewhere between 350 to 370 degrees F. Exposing dry herbs to a controlled heat source through vaporizing will result in vapor production which contains the beneficial ingredients without the harmful components in smoke. Vaporization should result in just flavorful vapor without burning or carcinogens.

    About Vapir

    Vapir’s mission is to provide the ultimate experience in digital aromatherapy. The company is committed to developing, producing, and perfecting their vaporizer product line at an affordable price point.

    All products by Vapir are made of heat-resistant materials of the highest grade. Even at the highest temperature, Vapir vaporizers do not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The NO2 and Oxygen casing is made of a fiberglass and nylon compound that is designed to operate up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can hold the device at these high temperatures and feel little to no heat. On the NO2 and Oxygen Mini, the herb chamber is made of brass and the VapirRise of stainless steel, both of which produce a clean heat; thus, there are no VOC’s.

    In addition, Vapir performs ongoing testing of their products for quality control purposes to ensure production of the safest and highest quality products.