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    The Hemp Bakers, including their popular CBD Cookies and Brownies, contain an active ingredient called Hemp Bake Mix. The mix contains a simple starch, fiber, and hemp oil that is rich in CBD. The mix is tasteless and can withstand the high temperatures required for baking. The all-natural mix is gluten-free without any preservatives or THC.

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    Hemp Bake Mix can be mixed right into any recipe, it’s that versatile!

    About The Hemp Bakers

     The Hemp Bakers’ mission to produce the most delicious hemp-derived CBD products is what drives the company’s process of product design. Because the bitter flavor of hemp is well known, The Hemp Bakers wanted to develop better tasting yet affordable edibles and, in the process, they have introduced CBD edibles to a larger audience as they help destigmatize the growing CBD industry.

    Keeping their mission in mind, along with overcoming the bitter taste and pungent smell are The Hemp Bakers’ primary goals. The starting point is keeping the hemp plant in full visibility from seed to oil to powder while meeting all criteria for quality, potency, and purity. The company found a solution in collaboration with two other companies (Hemp Synergistics and 5 Generation Bakers).

    Hemp Synergistics

    A biotech company, Hemp Synergistics produces hemp-derived ingredients for the food and nutraceutical markets. Their team has a wealth of experience in business management, medical cannabis, wellness, snack foods, and marketing. Through this collaboration, The Hemp Bakers were able to reach all their goals.

    5 Generation Bakers

    On the other hand, 5 Generation Bakers has been managed by five generations of the Baker family.  Their cookie and brownie recipes go back generations and are perfect for combining tradition with technology.

    Now you can enjoy the taste of tradition in their classic CBD Cookies and CBD Brownies infused with CBD from the highest quality hemp oil without any bitter taste or smell.