With a winning taste, Starbuzz offers a hookah experience you’ll return to again and again.
    The Starbuzz brand is considered premium quality by fans around the world. Well known for its tobacco, the company directs the same care and attention to detail into each of its master-crafted hookahs and shisha. Browse our selection of Starbuzz hookahs and accessories right here at Headshop!

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    Starbuzz Premium Coconut Instant Light 40mm Charcoal 10 Sleeves Per Box (100 Count Per Box) -
    Starbuzz Premium Coconut Instant Light 40mm Charcoal 10 Sleeves Per Box (100 Count Per Box)

    About Starbuzz

    Founded in 2005 by Wael Elhalwani, Starbuzz Tobacco has made a name for itself providing premium quality products for the U.S. hookah market. Known for its tasty flavors, the mission at Starbuzz has always been to enhance the customer smoking experience. By focusing on developing products that are strictly tested, the company takes special pride in infusing old tradition with modern flair. This is how Starbuzz has developed its legendary brand.

    About Starbuzz Hookahs

    Starbuzz hookahs were designed for modern hookah smokers. Starbuzz offers new smokers easy entry into hookah smoking, and it also satisfies experienced smokers as well. The artistic yet stylish look is very appealing to smokers, in addition to the ease of use and functionality you get with a Starbuzz hookah. With Starbuzz, you know you're getting a great product.

    Quality Hookahs by Starbuzz

    Starbuzz hookahs are inspected thoroughly during the manufacturing process to ensure the finest quality. The hookah stems are made in America with space-grade aluminum metals and surgical-grade stainless steel. The highest level of expertise goes into crafting every product, resulting in the very best smoke.

    Fresh Flavor with Every Session

    Because the stem can be disassembled, this makes cleaning your hookah easy to do. The hookah stems remove any flavors leftover from your last session (AKA ghosting), so you’ll get the cleanest smoke. So, if you’re looking for the freshest flavor with every session, a Starbuzz hookah offers exactly that without any scrubbing.