What the f@#$ is 710?

by Chris Husong

What the f@#$ is 710? 

420? That’s for us more ancient stoners. The kids these days are all about 710. 

We’ll cut to the chase– Here’s the answer as to what the f@#$ it actually is:

710 is the 420 equivalent for people who smoke cannabis oils.

Some passionate dabbers even claim emphatically that “710 is the new 420.” 


The urban legend goes that 710 is what it is because it’s OIL spelled upside down and backwards. There’s some speculation that a rapper named Taskrok came up with the term, but he apparently denies that. 

Urban Dictionary– aka the authority on new terms like this– has this as their top-ranking answer for 710:

710- Slang for smoking hash oil due to the number resembling the word 'oil' upside-down.

If on 420 (April 20) you are going to celebrate and partake in all things weed, on 710 (July 10), you’ll whet your whistle with dabs and vapes. 

In a nutshell, 710 is a great excuse to celebrate cannabis oil! It’s a new holiday for dabbers to get down with fellow dabbers and really anyone who wants to vape cannabis. We’re on board.

Why do people smoke cannabis oil instead of dry herb?

The name of the game is potency and smoothness. Vaping oils will deliver more cannabinoid per hit versus smoking the traditional herb bowl. The taste and texture are also decidedly smoother. People who like oils are people who:

  • Don’t like the harshness of smoking herb
  • Have sensitive lungs
  • Are combatting symptoms like nausea
  • Want less cannabis odor
  • Want more potent hits
  • Like billowing clouds
  • Are discreet smokers
  • Live in a state where THC is not legal and therefore want to vape CBD oil and other cannabinoids

What do you need to celebrate 710?

  1. First of all, you’ll need your cannabis oil. In states where it’s legal, you can buy cannabis oil concentrates and vape them to your heart’s content. If THC is not legal in your state, you may be able to buy a CBD oil vape to partake in 710 festivities.
  2. Next, you’ll need a good torch. Lighting concentrates with a convenience store lighter isn’t preferred at all, since it doesn’t quite get the oil hot enough, but you can do it if you can’t get your hands on a decent butane torch.
  3. Third, you need a piece to vaporize the concentrate/oil. This can range from a compact vape pen to a desktop vaporizer like the almighty Volcano or the Silver Surfer. Here are your main options and the differences between them.

What piece(s) you need to dab? Aka celebrate 710:

You’ve got quite the selection of pieces to celebrate 710. Most people are going to go with the classic vape pen, as it’s discreet, affordable, and can easily be taken with you to parties and concerts. 

However, there are some other righteous devices that can help you get the most out of your cannabis oil and out of the 710 holiday. Here’s what you have to work with:

  • THE PENS- Vape pen, dab pen, wax pen: the most popular device to get lifted on 710 has got to be the pen. The pen can fit in your pocket and be easily charged with a USB port. In short, pens are the ultimate in affordability and convenience for vaping oil on 710. The standard vape pen works on oils, while dab pens and wax pens are made more specifically for dabbing thicker concentrates. 
  • Vaporizer- The vape pen essentially is just a vaporizer in compact, pen-shaped form. You can also get handheld vaporizers that are known to provide just as much, if not more, fluffy vape rips. Our team digs the PAX 3, a handheld vape that gives more bang for your buck than most vape pens. 

  • Traditional dry-herb piece (bowl or bong)- The traditional piece should only be used if you are topping off your dry-herb bowls with a bit of concentrate. A favorite pastime here at Headshop, you simply add a small dab of oil to the top of a freshly packed bowl. It’s best to coat half of the top of the bowl, if your oil is scarce. When you go to light it, make sure the lighter gets some of the oil along with the green herbiage below. The result is an increase in lift and a marked change in flavor. 
  • Glass dab rig- The glass dab rig, like the glass bong, is the OG of smoking cannabis oils and concentrates. Draw big rips by placing your dabs into the glass bowl and lighting with a torch.
    • Silicone dab rig- For those dabbers who are prone to breaking their pieces, the silicone dab rig is a great option to celebrate 710 without shattering any glass. 
    • Hybrid dab rig- The hybrid dab rig can come in glass and/or silicone. Hybrid dab rigs also function as bongs and water bubblers. With a hybrid dab rig, you can smoke both dry herb and oil concentrates and waxes. 
  • Nectar collector- Finally, if you want to hang with the hip 710 kids, a nectar collector will put you at the cool table. Nectar collectors are more sophisticated dab rigs that offer an even smoother pull and flavor. Users heat a needle (usually made of quartz) that then vaporizes dabs. 

Are there any other dabbing accessories I should get for 710?

For 710, your oil, your dab rig, and your torch are ultimately all that’s required to have a good time. However, you might consider getting into the following dab accessories:

Carb caps: The carb cap gets placed on your dabs like a lid over a hot pan, to keep your concentrates burning evenly and efficiently. Most dab rigs come with carb caps, but feel free to pick up some extra if you think you need them for the holidays.

Dab pads: Dab pads provide a flame-retardant, non-stick area to place your dabs whilst vaporizing them. Again, most dab rigs come with one of these, but heavy dabbers will inevitably need to stock up. 

Dab straws: Dab straws provide the pathway between the vaporized dabs and the mouthpiece. This is the simplest, most elegant way to dab. You can simply place a dab straw slightly above your dabs on a pad while vaporizing to get lifted on 710 and or any other day.

Dishes & dabber sets: Dishes and dabber sets provide both the receptacle for your concentrates and the tools you need to do the dob just right. 

Dab bangers: Just like your traditional bong, dab rigs require a banger. You can choose between male and female bangers, just like a bong. Most are made from quartz.

Cleaning tools for dabbing: As every smoker needs a pokey, so every dabber needs their cleaning tools. These will often come with a dab rig, too, but never a bad idea to stock up.


  • 710 is the 420 equivalent for cannabis oil smokers.
  • People prefer to smoke oil concentrates over dry herb for a variety of reasons, including more potent hits and a smoother sensation on the lungs.
  • To celebrate 710 and to dab in general, you need 3 important items:
  1. Cannabis oil concentrate or dabs
  2. Torch
  3. Piece (dab rig)
  • You’ve got a few options when it comes to pieces for dabbing, including:
  • The traditional piece
  • A dab rig made from glass or silicone
  • A hybrid dab rig that also functions as a bubbler
  • A nectar collector (this is the most hip)
  • If you want to get more into the dabbing lifestyle, pick up some additional accessories like extra carb caps and bangers to cover your bases.

Happy 710 to you and yours!

The Headshop Team

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