The 8 Best Nectar Collectors: The Top-Reviewed of 2022

Best Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors are the new, cool kid in town for cannabinoid enthusiasts who love to dab delicious oils and shatters. 

While the dab rig still dominates the public consciousness, nectar collectors are like the next version with improved functionality and value. 

Nectar collectors are growing in popularity, particularly in the realm of microdosing.

Generally, nectar collectors are sleek, easy to use, and can even help save money re-upping on cannabinoid concentrates. A really cool upgrade on the dab rig design and functionality.

So, what are the best nectar collectors out there?

Nectar collector reviews are an important part of the evolution of this new and exciting dabbing accessory. Here at Headshop, we pulled from our own experiences with nectar collectors and got a good inventory of what online users are saying as well. 

Along with criteria to determine quality and value (read on for details), we picked the 8 best nectar collectors of 2022. 

Find out what users say are the top nectar collectors out there and why. 

We’ll show you pricing, pros and cons, and if you’re new to nectar collectors, we’ve got useful supporting information in here that will help you learn what you need to know to get started, i.e. how to use one, how to clean one, etc. 

The Top 8 Nectar Collectors for 2022: Browse + Overview

1. Best overall

Lookah’s Seahorse Electric Nectar Collector


Lookah’s Seahorse Electric Nectar Collector remains one of the most popular and most well-reviewed on the market. Our #1 pick for the best overall nectar collector is an upgrade to the original: the ‘Pro’ version, if you will. Improvements for users include. At around $40, the Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric is more expensive than common non-electric nectar collectors; however, it’s on the affordable side compared to other popular competitors that can go for over $100. 

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Nectar collector type: Electric
Price: Under $50
Value grade: A

Standout Features:

  • Electric Nectar Collector (no flame necessary)
  • Touch-dip style for dabbing
  • 510 Threading
  • 650m Ah Battery
  • Output Voltage: 4.1V, 3.6V, 3.2V
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Portability, take it with you
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2. Best for beginners

Alien Ape Nectar Collector Kit

New to nectar collectors? New to dabbing? No problem! The Alien Ape Nectar Collector Kit is a great asset to beginners. It’s easy to use, straightforward, and the packaging and the design have that right amount of quirkiness Alien Ape is known for. We were unable to find anything other than 5-star reviews for this product online. It’s got everything you need to enjoy your cannabinoid concentrate, and it’s affordable.

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Nectar collector type: Nectar collector kit
Price: Under $30
Value grade: A

Standout Features:

  • Size: 10mm
  • Glass bubbler
  • Glass tip
  • Glass stem
  • Wax dish
  • Quartz nail
  • Titanium nail
  • Alien Ape logo
  • Cool box/packaging for storage
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3.  Best Electric Nectar Collector 

HUMAN SUCKS STINGER Electric Nectar Collector

Although the electric Seahorse Pro earns our #1 spot for best overall nectar collector, we also decided to choose a standout among the electric category. The Human Sucks Stinger is on the expensive side, but it’s really powerful and known for its style and unique design. There’s not another electric nectar collector out there that looks and behaves like this one. The Stinger is known for its billowing clouds. There are 4 temperature settings, and we suspect it has one of the longest-lasting batteries of all the electric nectar collectors out there. 

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Nectar collector type: Electric
Price: Over $100
Value grade: B


  • Electric Nectar Collector
  • Long battery life (60 dabs)
  • Heats up in 5 Seconds
  • Palm-Sized
  • Awesome design
  • Great flavor
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4. Best Cheap Nectar Collector

PILOTDIARY Silicone Nectar Collector

This is a cheap nectar collector, but it does the trick just as well as some of the more expensive options (provided you’ve perfected heating). The silicone design makes it safe and smell-free, and you can pick from a variety of bright, fun colors. This is an easy nectar collector to throw in your bag and wins big points for portability. Also, the silicone cap doubles as a dab pad, so other than a butane lighter, you’re covered without spending more than $16.

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Nectar collector type: Silicone
Price: Under $20
Value grade: B


  • Made from BPA-free silicone
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and convenient for portable use
  • Can handle extreme temperature (-40F to 482F)
  • Cool, colorful design
  • Comes with a silicone cap to put your dabs
  • Silicone cap protects the needle
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5. Best Nectar Collector With Bubbler

OOZE Ozone Silicone Water Bubbler & Nectar Collector

OOZE has done it again with a fun, multi-purpose product that cannabinoid enthusiasts love. The OOZE Silicone Water Bubbler & Nectar Collector is shaped with the signature “O” and lets you do four things with the same bubbler: Use it as a water pipe, a nectar collector, a dab rig, and a vape pen. This is a great item for couples or people who frequently have guests, as it can cater to all types of cannabinoid users. And the great silicone design means you won’t be in danger of smashing it. 

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Nectar collector type: Siliconewith built-in bubbler
Price: Just under $100
Value grade: A


  • 4-in-1 functionality as water pipe, dab rig, vape pen, and nectar collector
  • Titanium nail and borosilicate dab dish included
  • Silicone base storage
  • Titanium nail holder
  • Banger holder
  • Available in choice of fun colors
  • Non-stick silicone container
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6. Best Nectar Collector Kit Under $30

PILOTDIARY Mini Nectar Collector Kit

Who says you have to spend top-dollar to have the nectar collector experience? This one by PILOTDIARY will cost you around $20, and it has everything you need to collect your nectar and enjoy your cannabinoids. It’s all made from silicone, making it safe to use, durable, and easy to clean. Included you’ll find the kit with all the accessories needed for a successful dab session. Compact and discreet, the PILOTDIARY Mini Collector Kit is also a great option for taking your dabbing on the go.

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Nectar collector type: Silicone nectar collector kit
Price: Under $30
Value grade: B


  • 1 Silicone Honey Straw with Cap
  • 2 5 mL Silicone Jar Containers 
  • 1 Silicone Holder 
  • 1 Dab Tool with Silicone Cap 
  • 1 Dab Mat 
  • Available in fun color options
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7. Best Nectar Collector Kit Overall

Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector Kit

The ultimate in a nectar collector kit is exactly what you get from Freeze Pipe. Freeze Pipe is one-of-a-kind, with a built-in bubbler and freezing temperature function. When you dab with the nectar collector kit from Freeze Pipe, you honestly get one of the most enjoyable experiences. The cold temperature and water filtration make pulls easy on the lungs and gives an invigorating sensation. You just can’t beat the Freeze Pipe experience, which is why if you’re willing to fork over around $175, users agree it will be money well spent.

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Nectar collector type: Nectar collector kit with built-in bubbler and freeze function
Price: Around $185
Value grade: A


  • Titanium nail to retain heat and provide smooth taste
  • Doubles as a bubbler 
  • More filtration and smoother hits (colder too, if desired)
  • Koozie keeps chambers colder for longer
  • Freezable glycerin coil for more smoothness
  • Durable with thick glass and stability legs
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8. Trendiest Nectar Collector for Aficionados

Honey Dabber II Kit

The Honey Dabber II Kit is an easy sell to hipsters, dabbing aficionados, and those of us that simply like the look of handmade wood. Rather than what we normally see with nectar collectors– glass, silicone, electric– the Honey Dabber II Kit features a honey stick with a hand-finished sleeve. It looks great sitting on the bar or the coffee table. Plus, this kit comes with both a quartz nail and a titanium nail, so you can experience the benefits of both when you smoke your concentrates. 

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Nectar collector type: Nectar collector kit 
Price: Around $50
Value: B+


  • Honey Labs Honey Dabber II w/ Quartz Tip 
  • Titanium Replacement Tip 
  • Great for on-the-go
  • Benefits of both quartz and titanium in one tool
  • Silicone Concentrate Container 
  • Handmade wooden Case
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How we picked the best nectar collectors of 2022

When putting together this list for the best nectar collectors of 2022, here’s what we had in mind:

  • The device has to work well, so users can produce billowy clouds without being an expert.
  • The nectar collector has to deliver on value, regardless of price. We only selected nectar collectors with a value grade of ‘B’ or higher for value in this list, on a scale of A+ being the highest and F being the lowest.
  • All categories– including traditional nectar collectors, electric nectar collectors, and nectar collectors that do more– are represented to reflect user preferences.
  • Online reviews for each selected product are all at least (roughly) 80% positive.
  • Bonus points for nectar collectors that offer a unique experience.

What else do I need if I am using a nectar collector?

A nectar collector alone refers to just the three-part dabbing tool with the nail, straw body, and mouthpiece. But you need a couple other items to get your vape on best with a nectar collector. 

Be sure to have a dish or dab pad to place your dabs.

Of course, you need your concentrate: wax, rosin, CBD oil, THC oil, shatter, budder, you choose. 

If you are using a traditional nectar collector, you will need a butane torch (DO NOT USE A PROPANE FLAME SOURCE). 

If you are using an electric nectar collector, you don’t need a heating element, as one is already built in. 

Some nectar collectors have a water-pipe accessory to make the draw even cleaner. 

What is a nectar collector?

Think about a hummingbird. They’re tiny birds, but they have long, slender, lightweight beaks. 

On closer examination, hummingbird beaks are very much like straws. And they are used to collectect what else… nectar.

A nectar collector is a dabbing accessory that when combined with a heating element, is used to cleanly inhale vapor from concentrated extracts that contain cannabinoids (aka dabs). 

Other commonly used names for the nectar collector include honey straw or dab straw. The nectar collector is by and large considered an upgrade to the traditional dag rig by users. 

Nectar collectors can provide real benefits for dabbers:

  • Easier to microdose
  • Practically zero waste of concentrate
  • Save $$$
  • Potent
  • On-the go
  • Dab wax, THC oil, CBD and other cannabinoid oils, shatter, rosin, any concentrate you like with one tool
  • Clean, smooth draw
  • Portable and convenient

How to pick the best nectar collector

Picking the best nectar collector for you will depend on your preferences and how much you want to spend. To get started picking a nectar collector, you should know that you’ll have a few options when it comes to how this dab rig accessory works:

Your 3 options

  • Traditional nectar collectors 

Traditional nectar collectors feature a dab honey straw complete with nail used to vaporize dab concentrate. These nectar collectors come in different materials like silicone and glass. With a traditional nectar collector, the user must have a butane torch handy to heat their extracts.

  • Electric nectar collectors

Electric nectar collectors provide the heating element for your extracts much like a vape pen does. Electric nectar collectors are typically more expensive than traditional nectar collectors, but are arguably safer (no hot flame needed) and easier to take on-the-go.

  • Nectar collectors that do more

Cool brands have now designed nectar collectors with more than one function. There are some nectar collectors that have a built-in bubbler and brand that even provides innovative ice-cold filtration, too. 

FAQ: More useful info on nectar collectors

How to use a nectar collector

Nectar collectors are excellent for people who like to smoke/vape concentrate. You can inhale THC oil, CBD oil, or other cannabinoid blends for therapeutic use. You can also smoke rosin and shatter with a nectar collector. You only need this one dabbing accessory to do it all.

Nectar collectors vs dab rigs

A nectar collector mechanically does similar things to the traditional dab rig, with a couple of marked differences that elevate the dabbing experience:

  • With a normal dab rig, your product must be placed on a heated nail. With the nectar collector, you place the honey straw with a heated tip onto the concentrate. 
  • With a normal dab rig, you need a special accessory to kill the dab when it’s been lit. No need with a nectar collector.
  • Normal dab rigs are not great to carry on the go. Nectar collectors are portable and many are small, making them great for convenient dabbing.

What you need and how to use a nectar collector

There are lots of different kinds of nectar collectors out there, but they function more or less the same way. While you may have to apply some nuances with certain products– i.e. you won’t be using a butane torch if you choose an electric nectar collector– this explanation details how to use a nectar collector. 

You’ll need:

  • A nectar collector
  • A glass dish
  • Butane torch (not needed with an electric nectar collector)
  • Cannabinoid concentrate

Nectar collector parts:

  • Nail- The word ‘nail’ is kind of a misnomer here, since the nail of the nectar collector doesn’t look like a nail at all. The nail of the nectar collector is the straw-like end that you will heat and use to heat your concentrate. These are the 4 nail types for nectar collectors that have different properties:
  1. Quartz 
  2. Borosilicate 
  3. Titanium
  4. Ceramic

All 4 types of nectar collector nails offer a safe, effective way to vape when used properly. Though it’s worth noting that quartz can withstand the most heat, and some of the higher-quality nectar collector brands use quartz exclusively. 

  • Straw- The straw refers to the body of the nectar collector. The part you hold where internally, vapor is sucked up through the device and into your lungs.
  • Mouthpiece- You put your lips at the mouthpiece, usually at the top of the nectar collector. This can be easily cleaned and disinfected if shared with friends or family.

Heat the nail with a butane lighter or in the case of an electric nectar collector, this will be done for you with temperature sensing technology. At certain temperatures, depending on which concentrate you are vaping, all the cannabinoids are heated and extracted in vapor form. 

It’s important to get the right amount of heat. If the nail is not hot enough, you won’t release all the cannabinoids you want to absorb (wasting time and money). If it’s way too hot, you can get extras like lipids that you don’t want in your lungs. 

Inhale the dabbed concentrate through the mouthpiece, and you should get about 2 or more good pulls.


  1. Fill the water in your water pipe and attach your nectar collector dab tool if necessary.
  2. Put your dabs on a glass dish within your reach.
  3. Heat the nectar collector nail with a butane torch until the flame on the honey straw becomes orange.
  4. Let cool for about 10 seconds.
  5. Gently tap the nail near the dabs to heat and vaporize the concentrate.
  6. Gently pull the vapor through the nail as you heat your dabs.
  7. Inhale vapor. The first pull is the strongest, and you should be able to get about 2 or 3 total from heating one nail. 
  8. As with many vaping devices, you will get more bang for your buck once you find the sweet spot with how long and how hot to get your concentrates. You can get huge cloudy pulls once you figure it out.


  • Remove the nail before you put any water into the nectar collector attachment
  • Dry your nail completely before use if there is any water in it
  • Try not to get any water on the nail


  • Use a propane lighter (it’s dangerous)
  • Overheat your concentrate
  • Use near flammable items or chemicals

Using electric vs traditional nectar collectors

The above instructions apply to traditional nectar collectors, in which the user must have a hot flame to vaporize cannabinoid extracts to the adequate temperature. 

If you don’t want to deal with using a butane torch, electric nectar collectors provide an internal heating element. This element heats the nail of the nectar collector which you will then apply to your dabs.

Generally speaking, electric nectar collectors are more discreet and better suited for on-the-go use. Traditional nectar collectors provide a more ritualistic experience and are more suited for home use, provided the butane torch you have to use.

Why do people use nectar collectors? Pros and cons

People use nectar collectors to enhance the dabbing experience. Unlike a traditional dab rig, you heat the honey straw or nail and then gently tap your dabs, inhaling them directly with one tool. Using a nectar collector can help regular dabbers who enjoy vaping CBD oil, wax, THC shatter, and more to save money, since nectar collectors are known to extract the full amount of cannabinoids when heated correctly. That means buying less concentrate and getting more potency from what you use. 

And speaking of potency, you can also go the other way: using a nectar collector is a great way to microdose your dabs, helping you control and moderate your consumption of THC oil or whichever blend you are microdosing.

What are the pros?

  • A smooth, clean draw makes for a super-pleasant experience.
  • Get more vape from less concentrate.
  • It’s one of the most potent ways to vape.
  • More billowy, milky clouds 
  • Clean vape with rapid absorption of cannabinoids.
  • You can microdose dabs more easily with a nectar collector.
  • Use all the cannabinoid concentrates (wax, rosin, shatter, etc.) with just one tool.
  • Nectar collectors are more portable and convenient than a dab rig. It’s a superior way to dab on the go or travel.
  • Regular users can save $$$ on cannabinoid extracts by using less to achieve desired effects.
  • The water-pipe attachments for some nectar collectors on this list are awesome. In fact, some of the options serve multiple functions, so you can actually add them as an attachment to your bong.

What are the cons?

  • Electric nectar collectors in particular can get expensive and can range from around $25 to over $150. 
  • Also, nectar collectors are probably not for cannabinoid smokers who don’t dab and aren’t used to the potency. 
  • Non-electric nectar collectors require a butane lighter.
  • Heating too much can ruin the experience.
  • You have to do some trial and error to get to the sweet spot.

How to clean a nectar collector

You’ll clean your nectar collector much like you clean your other glassware and silicone pieces. Pour a cleaning solution that you trust (RANDY’S or Resolution gel both work well) into the straw or pipe area. Get rubber caps to cover all the openings. Shake the nectar collector well. Make sure you put in enough cleaning solution, so that it runs adequately through the pipe. At the same time, don’t use too much, as the solution won’t be able to swish into all the areas it should. If you pour too much at the beginning, just pour out the access down the sink or save it for later. Rinse with warm water and voila.

To clean the mouthpiece or other smaller parts and accessories, you can use the same solution. Pour enough into a container to cover the parts you want to clean. Let the parts sit in the solution for a couple minutes. Rinse with warm water.

More delightful benefits of using a nectar collector 

Stay in control of potency

Nectar collectors are known to turn tiny little dabs into billowy milk clouds of greatness. If you use a nectar collector, you can stay in control of your cannabinoid consumption easily. Microdosers can more accurately intake their allotted amount of cannabinoids, while people managing certain conditions can keep track of how much they need.

Save $$$

To round out the potency discussion, using less cannabinoid concentrate to deliver more cannabinoids to the lungs will also save money. For regular dabbers, they can get more bang for their buck with their concentrates using the nectar collector, which is known to waste practically nothing and deliver massive hits.

Enjoy your experience

One of the best parts about using a nectar collector is that the experience is enjoyable. Across the board, there is a smooth flavor that’s released, along with a pleasant pull for the lungs. To really enjoy your experience, we recommend using a bubbler attachment or get the Freeze Pipe for ice-cold filtration.

Take it with you

Finally, the great thing about nectar collectors is that they are inherently portable. This is THE way to dab on the go, and you can find a healthy selection of discreet and sleek models that fit in your pocket.

More In-Depth: What the top-reviewed nectar collectors are really like

Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Nectar Collector Wax Vape


Electric: Yes

What’s awesome: You can connect the Lookah Seahorse Pro to a bubbler easily to get additional cold-water filtration for a smoother experience. You can also buy a water bubbler accessory sold separately that will replace the glass mouthpiece.

Part of what makes the Lookah Seahorse Pro our pick for best overall is the price/value. At around $40, this little dab rig accessory is both a nectar collector and a vape that can be used with 510 threading cartridge. And the water bubbler accessory is awesome, making for potent, ice-cold dabs of billowing clouds. Using and cleaning the Lookah Seahorse Pro is easy, and the Pro version includes multiple upgrades from the original. 

The nail of this nectar collector is a new design featuring a more porous and strong quartz tip. Surrounding the nail is a clear glass chamber, so you can see the vapor travel all the way from the dab through to the mouthpiece. The Seahorse Pro’s standard coil cap is now magnetized, making it less likely to get loose or fall off.

Charge the Seahorse Pro battery conveniently with a USB port. Choose your own temperature settings and expect around 13 dabs with each charge. Seahorse Pro fans love that they can vape wax, THC oil, shatter, rosin, and budder with just one tool at under $50 a pop.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Value for the $$
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Rapid heating technology
  • Sleek design with choice of colors


  • Have to pay extra for water bubbler accessory

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Alien Ape Nectar Collector Kit


Electric: No

What’s awesome: The Alien Ape Nectar Collector Kit features nails or tips in both quartz and titanium. Since both have different properties regarding heat and how they react with natural extracts, it’s awesome that users can experiment with both metals and see which they prefer (or if they have a preference at all).

Alien Ape offers a great option for beginners with their glass nectar collector kit. Each nectar collector kit from Alien Ape comes with a small set of parts in an attractive case. You’ll find a glass bubbler, glass tip, glass stem, quartz nail, titanium nail, and a wax dish to set you up with everything you need to enjoy a nectar dab experience. 

Using the Alien Ape effectively is a no-brainer. You simply open the case and attach the glass parts as portrayed on the diagram of the case (don’t worry, there are only 5 parts and a glass dab tray). Then, put your dabs on the tray, heat the nail with a butane lighter, and you’re in nectar heaven.

It’s easy to use and a great intro into the wonderful world of dabbing with a nectar collector. The Alien Ape Nectar Collector Kit also offers substantial value: it’s under $30 and comes with two nails, both from different types of metal, so you can experiment.


  • You get to use quartz and titanium nails
  • Simple, glass design
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Alien Ape logo 
  • Great for beginners
  • Cool case


  • For just a few more dollars, you can get an electric nectar collector that might provide more value according to your preferences.

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HUMAN SUCKS STINGER Electric Nectar Collector


What’s awesome: The Human Sucks Stinger is really unique from the other nectar collectors on this list with its design and cool factor . The nail on this nectar collector is smoother than most, and it’s particularly effective at vaping shatter.

The Human Sucks Stinger is in a class of its own, which is why we selected as the best electric nectar collector (besides the #1 overall which is also electric). The Stinger features a quick start and unique, sleek design that makes it great for dabbing on the go. 

And perhaps the best thing about this nectar collector is the battery life. Of all the others we’ve researched, the Human Sucks Stinger lasts the longest on a charge. It’s also known for its amazing vape clouds that are hard to beat. 

The bubbler attachment for the Human Sucks Stinger is an awesome add as well (sold separately). Online reviews for this nectar collector are almost all positive; we could only find one negative testimonial and it looked like an ordering issue. With helpful customer service and a design like no other, we see why they call the Human Sucks Stinger nectar collector “the most convenient and fastest way to dab.”


  • Super long-lasting battery
  • Discreet smoking
  • Awesome customer service
  • Durable and portable
  • Smooth flavor 
  • Lots of smoke/vapor compared to traditional vapes


  • On the expensive side
  • Have to pay for bubbler attachment accessory

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Silicone Nectar Collector


What’s awesome: This silicone nectar collector is made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, which is practically indestructible. You don’t have to worry about dropping glass pieces or messing up the nectar collector when on the go. It’s a nice, cheap dab rig accessory to have around, especially if you are new to the nectar vape experience.

If you want the cheapest nectar collector that will still do the trick– aka give you big plumes of vapor with smooth flavor– this silicone model is a good choice. For less than $20, you can get this nectar collector in a variety of cool, tie-dye-like color combos. 

Each silicone nectar collector comes with a silicone cap and case, making it easy to take with you. Look forward to durability, portability, and easy storage. To use, first place your dabs of choice into a tray (use a silicone one to stick with the theme). Then, use your butane lighter to heat the needle or tip until the flame becomes orange. Lightly tap near your dabs to vaporize them. Inhale and enjoy!

It’s important that if you get a silicone nectar collector that the silicone is smell-free and BPA-free like this one. Quality silicone can withstand extremely high temperatures, which is what you want to look for. This silicone nectar collector hits all the marks for safe, premium silicone material to enjoy dabbing without worrying about breaking any glass.


    • Super cheap
    • Tough, clean materials
    • No-nonsense, does the trick
    • Available in cool color options
    • Good for beginners


  • Have to get dabbing accessories like tray and tools separately

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OOZE Ozone Silicone Water Bubbler & Nectar Collector


Electric: No

What’s awesome: What’s awesome about this dabbing accessory is that it is much more than just a nectar collector. Using the innovative ‘O’ shape the OOZE line is known for, this nectar collector also has a bubbler and can be used with vape liquids, as a dab rig, and for vaporizing dry herb. The Ooze Ozone Silicone Water Bubbler & Nectar Collector has arguably everything you need to smoke/vape cannabinoids in different ways. 

If you want to squeeze a little more value out of your nectar collector purchase, or if you simply like vaping different types of cannabinoids and cannabinoid extracts, OOZE is where it’s at. Their nectar collector is part of a 4-in-1 system that’s designed to help you enjoy smoking dry herbs, vaping, and dabbing with of course, the nectar collector function. It’s sleek and not-at-all cumbersome: a combination of glass and silicone. 

This can be used as a dab rig or a traditional bubbler. To use as a nectar collector, remove the mouthpiece. Then, simply insert the titanium nail afterwards. You can then dab using the borosilicate glass bowl that comes included with the nectar collector.

Through the glass chamber of the OOZE Ozone Silicone Water Bubbler & Nectar Collector, you can easily see the milkiness of the hit before you inhale. 


    • 4 in 1 functionality
    • Use it as a nectar collector + vape + dabs + dry herbs
    • Easy to clean
    • Combination of glass and silicone
    • Durable
    • Multi-level filtration for cool, smooth sensation


  • Expensive at just under $100

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    PILOTDIARY Mini Nectar Collector Kit


    Electric: No

    What’s awesome: We like that this Mini Nectar Collector Kit has everything you need to get the delicious and distinct experience of dabbing with a nectar collector. It’s on the small side, so nice and compact for on-the-go or for those who don’t want to splurge too much. Plus, it’s made of silicone, i.e. it’s hard to break and durable for long-term use.

    If you want to try a nectar collector kit, but your budget is on the low side, this Mini Nectar Collector Kit from PILOTDIARY is a no-nonsense choice. Albeit a bit smaller than most nectar collectors, this system has everything you need, including: silicone honey dab straw with cap, 2 mini silicone jar containers, 1 mini silicone holder, 1 mini stainless steel carver tool with cap, and 1 nonstick wax mat.

    Using this budget-friendly, mini nectar collector kit is easy. To start, place your items on the included wax mat. Then, place your dabs in the mini silicone holder that comes with the nectar collector. Now you’re ready to light the nail. Using a butane lighter, heat the nail or the tip of the honey stick until the flame appears orange. Lightly tap near dabs to vaporize cannabinoid extracts. Inhale and enjoy!


      • Everything you need
      • Affordable 
      • Portable
      • Choice of fun color combos


    • For just a little more money, you could get an electric nectar collector (which could be a better fit)
    • No cool case

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    Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector Kit


    Electric: No

    What’s awesome: Not only does Freeze Pipe offer a built-in bubbler function, but they have an innovative way of rapidly cooling your hits to new lows (in a good way). Glycerin is sealed in a glass chamber, so it functions differently from a classic ice-pinch piece. Overall, a fantastic experience and way colder than using ice from the freezer.

    Freeze Pipe is in a class all its own when it comes to their nectar collector kit. While you can get added filtration and cooling by using the bubbler function with other nectar collectors, only the Freeze Pipe uses glycerin in a sealed chamber to rapidly cool your hits. The result is a totally unique experience that feels revitalizing and refreshing for body and mind.

    The Freeze Pipe is a bit of an investment that will run you just shy of $200. That said, it’s one of those things where once you have one, you’ll never want to go back. The milkiness of the hits and the fantastic cold sensation are hard to beat. If you have the cash and love cannabinoids, it will be money well spent.

    Freeze Pipe’s innovative use of glycerin as a rapid cooling agent is natural, safe, and nontoxic. In fact, this food-grade additive can be found in lots of food and sweeteners people consumer everyday.


      • Rapid cooling from glycerin for ice-cold hits
      • Sleek, glass design
      • Billowing, cold vapor clouds
      • Built-in bubbler
      • Not like a common ice-pinch piece
      • You’ll have it for life


    • Expensive at just under $200

    Buy Now


    Honey Dabber II Kit


    Electric: No

    What’s awesome: The handmade, wooden look of this nectar collector kit is really what you’re paying for. The device itself almost smells woody when the hand-finished wooden sleeve is around the body of the nectar collector. 

    The Honey Dabber II Kit makes the perfect gift for a cannabinoid aficionado, whether self-given or from an amazing person. The Honey Dabber II’s signature look comes from the hand-finished wood safety sleeve that covers the body of the honey straw. This wooden feature is not only stylish, it’s functional: simply cover the nail with the safety sleeve when finished, so you don’t have to put out the heat before putting the nectar collector away. In fact, the Honey Dabber II is the only honey straw/nectar collector that can be put away while still hot! Honey Labs LLC– the manufacturer of the Honey Dabber II Kit– has patented the wooden design, so you can’t get it anywhere else.

    The rustic-looking Honey Dabber II Kit is easy to use and a great option for those new to the nectar collector and seasoned veterans alike. Each nectar collector kit comes with the nectar collector with quartz nail, a titanium replacement nail, a silicone concentrate container, and the famous wooden safety case


      • Both titanium and quartz nails included
      • Unique, handmade look
      • Everything you need sans butane torch
      • Long, billowy pulls
      • Wooden safety sleeve lets you quickly stash 
      • Comes with container for dabs


    • Popular and often on backorder

    Buy Now


    At the end of the day: nectar collector review roundup

    We think we’ve come up with a really solid list here of the best nectar collectors for cannabinoid nuts like us. Your choice depends on what you want, how experienced you are with dabbing, and much you want to spend, but we think that no matter what you’re into, you won’t go wrong with the nectar collectors on this list. Once again, here’s how things shake out:

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