Top 5 Bong Brands - Quality Bongs for a Smooth Ride

by Chris Husong

Top 5 Bong Brands - Quality Bongs for a Smooth RideThe best glass bong brands offer a variety of options with unique designs and features. Whether you love a classic option or something completely unique, the top bong brands below have you covered. From freezable options to bongs that look like a beautiful ceramic vase, you’re bound to find a design that catches your eye and excites your stoner heart!

1. Freeze Pipe

It’s easy to love The Freeze Pipe because they have mastered the art of creating unique freezable pipes, bongs, bubblers, and more. They’re a small, American-owned company that focuses on thick, high-quality glass pieces that feature a variety of glycerin coils, all of which work to keep your smoke cool.


  • Cold hits, smooth rips
  • Made with thick glass
  • Freezable pipes
  • Wide product variety


  •  More expensive than other options

Types of Bongs 

Check out the Freeze Pipe Bong XL, which is a straight tube style that includes a freezable, glycerin-filled chamber that securely snaps onto the bubbler base. They also offer a Freeze Pipe Bong that is a midsize beaker style. It’s freezable, and the base uses a 45-degree diffused down stem percolator so you can enjoy substantial rips.

You can also check out the Freeze Pipe Bong Dual, which combines the lowest drag percolation chambers and their largest glycerin coil. This makes for the coldest and smoothest smoking experience. 

For a unique experience, the Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong is a must-have. You get a smooth hit with the intensity you crave.

Price Range

For bongs, you can expect to pay somewhere around $170 on the lower end up to around $215. However, The Freeze Pipe also offers pipes and bubblers at a lower cost.

2. My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase offers an extremely unique and sophisticated selection of glass, porcelain, and ceramic bongs. These are designed to add a touch of sophistication for connoisseurs who prefer an elegant smoking experience. 

Each bong is designed to transcend the boundaries of time and style while giving a new purpose to classic designs.


  •  Discreet designs
  •  Femininity and artistry combined
  •  Unique selection


  •  Some popular designs may sell out on occasion

Types of Bongs

The original bud vase is available in different colors and styles, including a rosette aqua, rose ivory, rosette mauve, and rosette coral. To double your happiness, they have a porcelain vase that comes with a large bubble bowl and an extravagant faux magnolia arrangement.

Price Range

Prices range between $80 and $250, depending on the design you select. You can also pick up replacement bowls for about $10.

3. Vitae Glass

Vitae Glass focuses on delivering an incomparable experience. The pieces are interchangeable, allowing you to create a custom piece as small or tall as you like. We love that they include you in the design process, allowing you to explore your own creative pursuits as you build your custom bong.


  • Custom designs
  • Interchangeable pieces
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable


  •  Not very budget-friendly; these are investment pieces

Types of Bongs

The 16” Ship Bong combines a beaker, in-line, and honeycomb base design into a bong that truly has it all. The mouthpiece is an hourglass mouthpiece with a clean, unobstructed channel so you can smoke effortlessly. 

The 16” Tri-UFO Bong is perfect for smokers who love a straight tube. It’s stacked with three honeycomb disc percs and there’s an ice catcher so you can take smooth, cool hits.

Price Range

Prepare to spend somewhere between $100 and $500 for these unique, unmatched bongs.


GRAV created a variety of water pipes with a focus on precision. Each of their creations incorporates artistry roots, design, and functionality. When you’re smoking the best cannabis strains, you need the right instrument to get the most out of the experience. GRAV provides just that.


  • Straightforward designs
  • Geometric pinch enhancers
  • Deliver clean, smooth hits


  • n/a

Types of Bongs 

GRAV offers a 12” Straight Water Pipe with a disc percolator that keeps with a classic design and adds a twist. What makes this water pipe more attractive is the honeycomb disc, which forces water and smoke through filtering so you can enjoy a cleaner hit. 

You can also check out the 11” Gravitron Water Pipe, which delivers big, pressurized hits for an intense smoke sesh.

Price Range

There’s a wide price range, depending on the type of product you settle on. On the lower end, you can pick up a gravity bong for around $60 or splurge on designs with more features and pay upwards of $200.

5. Prism

Prism has created a line of water pipes that make your stoner responsibilities just a little bit easier. To get the best smoking experience, you need to keep your bong clean. With Prism bongs, you get a design that makes cleaning easier, glass replacement easier, and offers an opportunity for modifications and customization.


  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • Single, double, and triple stack options
  • Premium halo setups


  •  Pricier than other bong options

Types of Bongs 

The Halo Prism Beaker Single Stack is a great starter piece. It’s equipped with a blueberry prism tall mouthpiece and a prism beaker base. You can break this bong down easily to get it super clean, replace a part, customize it, or make it travel-friendly. 

Check out the Classic Rasta Beaker for a triple stack option, which delivers three awesome filtration levels for a super smooth pull.

Price Range

Starting at about $120 for a limited edition beaker bong, these sleek bongs can cost up to $450 for a triple stack design.

Worthy Mention: Budsy

Discretion is always an important aspect of a stoner’s life. Not everyone understands the love for buds, and instead of dealing with strangers sharing unwarranted opinions, you can stock up with stealthy products like these water pipes created by Budsy. They help you hide in plain sight.


  • Super stealthy design
  • BPA-free construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited product variety

Types of Bongs

The Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Pipe looks just like a water bottle. It’s BPA-free and has a ceramic bowl with a silicone tab for safe handling. There’s also hidden bowl storage—the all-in-one designs make it not just stealthy, but ultra-convenient. 

You can also purchase this option in a variety of colors , including emerald, glacier, and voodoo.

Price Range

For the original clear water bottle, the cost is $50, and the colored options are priced slightly higher at $60.

How to Choose a Bong

The size of your bong is an important consideration. Mini bongs are great for travel. You can easily fit these into a pouch or backpack. Larger bongs are better for use at home, where you can get comfortable and store them properly.

Materials are another important consideration—glass bongs are the best though you can also pick up different materials, like acrylic, ceramic, and silicone. Silicone is best if you’re not good with keeping the glass from breaking (there’s always at least one of you in stoner circles!).

Look for extra features like percolators, ice catchers, and ash catchers. These extras refine your smoking experience and provide you with an immediate upgrade. You may also want to purchase different bowl sizes, which makes switching between solo smoking and smoking with friends easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a bong?

To clean your bong, start by removing all pieces and setting them apart. Use rubbing alcohol and coarse salt to soak each piece. Shake them up to loosen resin and debris and then rinse it with soap and water.

How do you use a bong?

First, add water. Next, pack your bowl. Go ahead and light the bowl while pulling through the mouthpiece. Let the chamber fill with smoke until you’re ready to inhale. Once ready, lift the bowl piece and clear the chamber.

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