Tips For Keeping Your Bongs & Dab Rigs Clean

by Chris Husong

Keeping Bong Clean

Every dabber should know how to keep their bongs and dab rigs clean and in top condition. Not only will it enhance your smoking experience compared to dabbing with dirty rigs, but germ-free sessions will also help keep you and those you dab with healthy. Yeah, communal toking comes with risks, so here we’ll drop some tips and tricks for keeping your bongs and dab rigs clean and sterile.

Regular Cleaning 

Start by regularly keeping your bongs and dab rigs clean and sterile. Clean your bong and dab rig equipment as often as possible. In case you didn’t know, there is a whole range of cleaning gear available that will make the job easier and includes cleaning plugs, pipe cleaners, brushes, various cleaning solutions, and much more. This will help prevent grime from building up. Regular cleaning will stop bacteria from colonizing in the first place. 

Cleaning Borosilicate Glass

General cleaning of your bong and dab rigs should be straightforward. However, cleaning borosilicate glass needs special attention to remove built-up cannabis resins. Isopropyl alcohol (ISO) dissolves resins so you can use it to clean the outside of your equipment. You can also use cotton swabs with ISO or alcohol wipes for those hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning the inside of your bong and dab rig can be tricky. The best method is using coarse salt. Start by separating the bowl and stem from the bong and place them in separate Ziploc bags. Put some coarse salt inside your bong or rig with a good amount of ISO, and swish it around. Be sure to plug the holes with rubber stoppers or your hands. The salt grains create an abrasion that helps remove built-up resins on the inside of the glass. Let it sit for a minute and then pour out the dirty solution. Once you rinse with warm water, the inside will be as clean as the outside.

A slightly more advanced method of cleaning your equipment would be to lightly heat the ISO. Heat no more than 4 ounces for 15 seconds in the microwave. Add the mildly hot ISO to your pieces and swish it around.

Changing the Water

We also suggest changing the water in your bong every time after you smoke for the casual user and on a daily basis for heavy users. This simple step makes all the difference in avoiding unpleasant odors. To simplify removal of all the resins and other gunk, as well as keep your bong clean while smoking, we strongly recommend Piece Water. Keeping up with your regular equipment cleaning routine will allow you to fully enjoy the unique aromas of your favorite strains and stay healthy.

Sterilizing Equipment

Not sterilizing your equipment isn’t a deal breaker if it’s just for your own personal use. But, if your friends are using it as well, it’s important to keep your bong and dab rig germ free, especially in the times we’re living in right now. 

Replaceable Mouthpieces

If you’re dabbing with friends at a party, it makes sense to use replaceable mouthpieces (silicone). You can even bring your own personal mouthpiece with you to events. Then you can hit any rig you like, knowing that you’re not spreading or getting any germs.

In the end, keeping your bong and dab rig clean and sterile is important for your health and for the health of others you dab with. So, get on your regular cleaning routine and keep your sessions clean and healthy!

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