Super Dank Heady Gifts for Valentine’s Day: A Curated Headshop Guide

Valentines Day GiftsValentine’s Day is just around the corner. Sure, you can go out and get the traditional chocolates, make that dinner reservation, and/or buy something for someone you love that’s more along those pedestrian lines.

But if you want a more curated, headier gift for the herb lover in your life, we came up with some fantastic options that will surely put a smile on your valentine’s face. 

Check out the super dank heady gifts for Valentine’s Day this year. Starting at just $20, you can surely find a righteous Valentine’s present that’s within your price range. 

Smiles and kisses not included (but they’re en route). 💝

Valentine’s Day 2022 For Herb Lovers:
What to Buy Your Boo

My Bud Vase




An exquisitely feminine bong that doubles as decor

Price: $90
Shipping: FREE
For valentines who: Love bongs, have discerning bong tastes, like feminine decor

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The Rosette My Bud Vase is the feminine answer to the world of phallic bongs! It’s made out of porcelain and frankly, is an incognito bong– it looks more like one of those old-world antiques. With hand-blown flowers and a beautiful shape, it doubles as an attractive table piece. 

The genius of the My Bud Vase has attracted major media nods in Forbes and High Times, just to name a couple. There are various beautiful options in the catalog, but especially for V-Day, we’ve selected the Rosette Mauve model with roses to give that Valentine effect. Even after Valentine’s Day, this is an exquisite piece that will stand the test of time for any herb lover in your life.

💝Loving advice: For an extra dose of love, include cbd flower below for an uplifting spin on the traditional flowers for Valentine’s Day! You can even get crazy and pre-load the bowl if you want to.

Dolce Haze CBD Flower



Valentine’s Day flowers to get lifted

Price: $9.99-$34
Shipping: FREE over $75
For valentines who: Love CBD smokable flower, love cannabinoids, would prefer flowers they can actually smoke over roses

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Dolce Haze CBD Flower is one of the bestselling dried herbs at Headshop. The Dolce Haze strain is known for their meticulous attention to detail, offering various strengths of cbd flower in different blends. What’s great is that they’re beloved by both beginners and delta 8 connoisseurs alike– So, whether your valentine is a diehard cbd fan or you just know they’d be down to experiment, your bases are covered.

What we love most about this gift is that it’s a great spin on the typical fresh flowers on V-Day. For herb lovers, it’s a welcome surprise and a thoughtful gesture that’s relaxing to boot!

The red color of the packaging that makes it perfect for February 14. You can get UpLift in a 3.5-gram or 1-pound package. 

Humidor Case | Red



An easy win for the smoking aficionado 

Price: $499
Shipping: FREE 
For valentines who: Want/need smoking tools, appreciate finer smoking accessories, are type-A smokers

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We honestly don’t think you can go wrong with this gift– it’s expensive, it’s luxurious, and it’s practical. Humidor is known for their exquisite cases that are perfect for avid smokers and connoisseurs who like to have nice accessories. This particular case is a limited edition from Humidor’s Xhaal collection with sleek design and a beautiful finish.

Inside the stylish Humidor case, your valentine will find jars, a grinder, rolling papers, a silver tray, ash tray, USB lighter, paper filters, a one-hitter, and more. The only thing that’s missing is the herb! Which you can always include to level-up even further.

💝Loving advice: The Humidor case is a cult favorite and will win the heart of any herb smoker. Because it’s more on the expensive side, we recommend giving it to someone who will REALLY appreciate it (aka a regular smoker who likes nice things and could use an upgrade!).

Personal CBD Lubricant




Cannabinoids to make sex more fun

Price: $40
Shipping: FREE over $75
For valentines who: Like sexy gifts, are into health and wellness, love CBD oil

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Want to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a bang? CBD lubricant is all the rage in the health and wellness world, and it sure makes a fun gift. This personal CBD lubricant from Yellow is glowingly reviewed, all-natural, and all about sexy time. Because it contains CBD that’s well-renowned for its natural benefits, this lubricant provides a healthy boost that others just can’t match.

Inside each bottle is full spectrum CBD, loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes for optimal effect, as well as organic botanicals. The combination has a clean, vanilla-almond scent that’s pleasant and not overwhelming in the least. The natural plant extracts work together to help increase sensation and pleasure while easing discomfort with their anti-inflammatory properties.

💝Loving advice: It’s not just a lube! Your valentine can also use this as a regular CBD topical for dry skin. You can rub in a few drops on the neck to smell fresh and sensual before a big date. The ingredients are all-natural and hypoallergenic :)

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