Water Pipes That Double As Works Of Art - My Bud Vase

by Matt Hampton

Water Pipes That Double As Works Of Art - My Bud Vase

The vision behind
My Bud Vase was to create beautiful yet functional works of art that are both treasured coffee table conversation pieces as well as an important part of your smoking gear. Each vase is carefully crafted with its own unique story. Read on to learn more about these water pipes that double as works of art at My Bud Vase.

These ornamental vases are perfect for weddings and other upscale events because of their appreciation for aesthetics. These bongs also make a wonderful addition to the collection of any smoker who favors functional pieces with a feminine touch. 

Every ornamental vase is hand assembled in the My Bud Vase facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Combining 30 years of global product development along with international travel, Doreen Sullivan is the founder of My Bud Vase. Her focus is on importing these unique vases to South Carolina where they are assembled and shipped all over the world.

Decorative Water Pipes that are Truly One of a Kind

While it would be nice if you could have any vase you want at My Bud Vase, many of the pieces are truly one of a kind. Although it can be frustrating if someone else buys the bong you want (and it can drive the price up too), if you are able to buy it first then you can rest assured that you are the only one with a water pipe like this. They are always finding new pieces at My Bud Vase, but be sure to buy your favorite right away before someone else does because the exact same design will most likely never be available again.

My Bud Vase truly is not just another fad in the smoking industry. With its popularity increasing every day, the company has differentiated itself thanks to their innovative work in creating fully functional bongs out of treasured artworks. The company has been able to consistently find the most unique ornamental flower vases and transform them into water pipes with downstems and bowls. With this approach, the styles are seemingly endless and have led them to where they are now with sophisticated bongs hidden in a beautiful vase.

The Artisan and Signature Collections

After the initial success of their Artisan Collection, My Bud Vase wanted to offer beautiful bongs that were more easily available to more than just one lucky customer. With this in mind, the Signature Collection was developed to match the original designs. The main difference with these pieces compared to the Artisan Collection is in the numbers. The company recognized the overwhelming demand for their decorative water pipes and decided to offer these beautiful collections so a more widespread audience would have the opportunity to appreciate them.

Each vase comes with a beautiful custom-made bowl that was designed specifically for that piece in complementary colors to the vase. However, additional bowls are also available. Each vase comes with its own faux flowers designed to complement the vase. Each vase is designed as home decor and much more. The flowers that are included are specifically paired to complement the vase you purchase. Several different options for additional flower pokers are also available.  

What’s included with My Bud Vase: 

  • Ornamental Vase: Welcome your newest functional piece of art into your home.
  • Fixed Single Downstem: A rubber grommet holds the fixed single downstem tightly in place to secure your flowers.
  • Bowl: The bowl is custom-made for your vase, and specifically designed to display beautiful flowers. If you have extra bowls or a lot of flowers to display, My Bud Vase carries more pieces that will fit your ornamental vase.
  • Flower Arrangement:  Beautiful decorative faux flowers are specially curated to add even more beauty to your ornamental vase. They have long, narrow stems that can actually be used to help clean out any debris from old flowers. However, some of the flower stems are too large or simply too beautiful to use for cleaning, so an additional flower poker has been included.
  • Certificate of Authenticity:  As the new owner of an original, limited-edition ornamental yet functional art piece that you will treasure for years to come, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity!

How to Clean and Maintain Your beautiful Ornamental Vase

Cleaning these incredible designs is easier than you might have thought. 

  • Empty the vase: Empty the vase of flowers when it is not in use, removing all the water from your ornamental vase.
  • Remove any debris: Remove any debris, dirt, residue and other material using a little isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and coarse salt (rock salt, ice cream salt or even regular table salt all work well). Use ¼ cup isopropyl alcohol (or less based on the size of your ornamental vase) and 4 to 5 tablespoons of salt.
  • Seal any openings: Seal any openings with your hands. Shake the solution in your vase thoroughly, repeating until it appears that you have removed all the dirt and residue.
  • Rinse the vase: Rinse the vase with warm (not hot) water. We do not recommend putting your ornamental vase in the dishwasher or even washing it with other items that could inadvertently damage the piece.
  • Reuse the solution: If you have several ornamental vases, you can reuse the cleaning solution to clean any additional pieces.

Keep in mind, at My Bud Vase, the Artisan and Signature Collections are continuously growing as they are always looking to add original new ornamental vases to their impressive lineup.

Although the price point might be outside of some smokers’ range, most customers consider it a worthy investment. The uniqueness of each ornamental vase is enough to warrant the price tag, but there are more reasons to invest. Remember your embarrassment that time you forgot to hide your bong when company came to dinner? With My Bud Vase, you can simply leave your bong on the coffee table (instead of rushing to hide it) without risking any judgment. And don’t forget, you’ll never feel like your living room looks like a teenager’s dorm room again.

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