Space Gods Legal Cannabis Delta 9 + CBD Edibles - 2023 Review

by Chris Husong

Space Gods Legal Cannabis Delta 9 + CBD Edibles - 2023 Review

CBD products derived from hemp just keep growing in popularity. After the Federal government and some states legalized cannabis and its constituents, including CBD, new products seem to hit the market just about every day. These products range generally from tinctures to balms and specifically to Space Gods Legal Cannabis Space Bars, Burst, Chocolates, Gummies, and Rocks. Space Gods hemp-derived candies contain both Delta 9 and CBD which is ideal for those who are experiencing stress in their daily lives.

Delta 9 and CBD edibles from Space Gods offer a body-numbing and mind-blowing experience that is fully compliant with Federal law. Delta 9 and CBD are extracted from the hemp plant, and Space Gods’ delicious candies contain less than 0.3% which is the legal limit established by the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you've never tried Delta 9 edibles before, they are different from Delta 8 and Delta 10 edibles, so be prepared for an effect that is more intense than you would expect. Because of individual variations in metabolism, some people may require the recommended dosage, while others have found that a reduced dose is enough to produce the desired effect.

What is Delta-9 THC?

Research has uncovered many different forms of THC (also called THC isomers) over the last several decades. Delta-9 THC is the chemical name of the most well-known form of THC that is found in hemp. The different forms of THC isomers available today include Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC. Isomers are organic compounds with the same chemical composition but structured in different ways. This structure is the most common and has the usual features that are found in hemp.

Benefits of Space Gods Edibles

Instead of relying on pharmaceutical drugs which can have unpleasant and even serious side effects, people today are very interested in exploring natural alternatives like hemp-derived products to help them manage the aches, pains, and stresses of daily life. So, if you’re looking for new hemp products, now you’ll find a daunting array of possible options, not just CBD, but Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, even THCv, and more.

The main benefit of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC is its ability to bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in regulating internal bodily systems. In other words, the ECS helps keeps the body in a balanced, healthy state.

While Delta 9 can make you high (which is a state that some people desire!), it can also potentially ease pain, stress, and sleeplessness. Effects will vary from person to person since all individuals have different metabolisms, tolerance levels, etc.

How are Space Gods Edibles Legal?

Space Gods edibles are legal according to Federal law and many state laws. The hemp extract used to produce Space Gods edibles is derived from hemp that is legally grown and processed in the United States that doesn't contain more than 0.3% THC.

How to Take Space Gods Edibles

To start, we recommend taking 1/2 of the recommended dose to see how you feel. If you’ve taken Delta 8 and Delta 10 before, Delta 9 can cause a stronger reaction than anticipated. Because individual physiology varies, some people can take the full recommended dose, while others may find that a smaller dose is sufficient to reach the desired effect. 

Another thing to consider is how long it takes to digest the edible, which differs for everybody. For best results, we suggest taking edibles either before eating or with your food, which will help speed up absorption. Before taking more, wait at least an hour or two at first to see how the edible affects you. This is important as it's easy to overdose on edibles when you don’t feel the effects right away.

About Space Gods Legal Cannabis Edibles

Space Gods edibles offer a potent blend of Delta 9 and CBD in every bite that is bursting with flavor. They are available in dozens of delicious flavors that taste just as great as regular candy without any harsh hemp flavor. Package sizes also vary; for example, Space Gummies come in 2-piece on-the-go packs or 10-count bag. 

Space Gods Edibles Delta 9 and CBD Content:

Space Bars: Delta 9 50mg, CBD 50mg per bar

Space Burst: Delta 9 15mg, CBD 15mg per gummy

Space Chocolates: Delta 9 100mg, CBD 100mg per bar

Space Gummies: Delta 9 15mg, CBD 15mg per gummy

Space Rocks: Delta 9 15mg, CBD 15mg per packet


Space Gods Space Bars:

  • Cinnamon Crisps (cinnamon crunchy toast cereal)
  • Fruit Comets (mixed intergalactic fruity rice cereal)
  • Marshmallow Martians (toasted oat cereal and magical marshmallows)

Space Gods Space Burst:

  • Blue Raz Lemon (Blue Razz and lemon with an extra sweet juicy center)
  • Sour Apple Melon (sour apple and watermelon with an extra sweet juicy center)
  • Strawberry Saucers (sweet, tangy strawberry with an extra sweet juicy center)

Space Gods Space Chocolates:

  • Potato Chip (crispy potato chips and decadently sweet chocolate)
  • Rocky Road (creamy chocolate with gooey marshmallow and crunchy nuts)
  • S’Mores (roasted marshmallows between graham crackers and chocolate)
  • Sprinkles (Is it the color? The crunch? The playfulness? Who cares.)
  • Triple Nut (tantalizing trifecta of almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts)

Space Gods Space Gummies:

  • Citrus Punch (luscious pineapple, sweet blood orange, and tangy lemon)
  • Grape Galaxy (the juicy deliciousness of a perfectly ripe grape)
  • Pink Lemonade (sweet summertime tartness with pink lemonade)
  • Sour Apple (sour vine-ripened green apples with a sweet finish)
  • Strawberry Mango (sweet, tart strawberries with sweet, tangy mangos)
  • Watermelon (refreshing watermelon with the right amount of sweetness)
  • Wild Berry (blackberry, black raspberry, cherry, red raspberry, strawberry, and white grape)

Space Gods Space Rocks:

  • Berry Lemon (the perfect balance of sweet and tart)
  • Citrus Punch (tart cross of orange and lemon flavors)
  • Party Punch (refreshing fruit punch flavor)
  • Rainbow Raz (eating a rainbow is more of a feeling than a science)
  • Sour Apple Melon (green apple tartness and refreshing melon)
  • Tangerine Tango (vibrant, sweet, and tart citrus flavors) 
  • Watermelon (summer’s favorite juicy, refreshing fruit) 

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