NEW Headshop Product Roundup: 8 Heady Brands to Get Stoked On

by Chris Husong

NEW Headshop Product Roundup 8 Heady Brands to Get Stoked On

It’s that time of year again… that frankly happens well, all the time. It’s time to announce the cool new products we selected for! 

Check out our new brands with fantastic pieces, smoking accessories, and more. Picked by stoners for stoners. Happy heady shopping!

WENEED - The Beaker Bong Purists

What do we need? We need weed! When do we need it? Now! The aptly named WENEED are makers of heavy-duty glass bongs that pack a sweet, billowy punch. The brand makes classic and durable beaker bongs that start at $30 and go up the scale as volume increases. Their 19” Mayan King is an especially awesome powerhouse, since even the most seasoned stoners can get lit from just one hit. 

And while WENEED’s bread and butter is the classic glass beaker bong, they make some fun silicone pieces, too (for those of us that tend to break things). The silicone line is cheaper than WENEED’s glass and features fun little design elements like spaceships and ice cream. 

Silicone Ice Cream Water Pipe 

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Sun State CBD - Hemp Supplements Sans High

We recently fell in love with a new hemp flower brand called Sun State CBD. Hailing from Florida, all their hemp is grown organically in the state. We think it’s cool how a few organic operations like this in Florida are coming up in the CBD world, able to rival states like Colorado and Oregon known for their high-quality hemp production. 

Sun State CBD has a clean line of the most popular forms of CBD supplements– gummies, tinctures, topicals, and a surprisingly awesome CBD spa line. The company doesn’t limit themselves to CBD and innovatively infuses CBG and other cannabinoids into the mix for a more synergistic effect.

Another thing we dig about Sun State CBD is how they’re into plant-based wellness on the whole, not just cannabinoids. You can pick up all-natural vitamins at a discount while you’re going to get your CBD. Our favorite product is their CBD moon rocks, little nuggets that give you the relaxation of the blast-off without the high. Runner-up has to be their CBD shots that are a great weapon against hangovers.

Sun State CBD QuickFix Shots

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Purple Rose Supply - Cannagars to Melt Your Soul

Cannagars are so hot right now– they’re essentially a total baller way to smoke a blunt. Because they aren’t really blunts at all. They’re straight-up cigars! Purple Rose Supply is a hip breath of fresh air for power stoners who like to smoke socially or by themselves for longer sessions. Just one cannagar gives you the lifespan of 12 joints! The slow burn is a highly enjoyable experience, and awesome for socializing with friends and family who like to get lifted like you do.

What surprised us most the first time we tried a cannagar made with Purple Rose Supply is how smoothe the smoke is. Cannagars don’t have the harshness of a blunt, and they don’t burn weirdly like with joints sometimes. Purple Rose Supply makes their signature cannamolds to help you make the perfect cannamold every time. They also provide the accessories you need to cover your bases, like bamboo skewers and filter tips. You can get cannamolds in personal, regular, or large, depending on what you want. 

Want to know what size to order? Here’s a reference for what each requires:

Purple Rose Supply G2 Small Cannamold

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Waxmaid - Silicone Water Pipes and Oh So Much More

You asked, we answered. Silicone pieces are majorly IN! From parents to clumsy people and everyone in between, silicone bongs, dab rigs, and pipes have been growing in popularity the past few years. They’re cheap. They’re colorful. And they’re virtually indestructible. What’s not to love? Waxmaid dedicates most of their line of pieces and smoking accessories to eco-friendly silicone materials. These pieces by Waxmaid are well-reviewed online and are pretty easy to clean. Here’s what they’re putting out that we think is the coolest in the line:

  • Nectar collectors
  • Travel bubblers
  • Ash trays
  • Grinder
  • Dab rigs
  • Hand pipes
  • Dugouts

4 in 1 Double Percolator Water Pipe

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Bee’s Knee’s CBD’s - CBD Coffee For The Best Mornings Ever

We want good coffee. We also don’t want to get that wired feeling that comes with the inevitable crash. That’s what makes CBD coffee so damn awesome– there seems to be a balancing effect between the CBD and caffeine. Bee’s Knee’s nails it with some of the best CBD coffee we have ever tried. It’s sourced from 100% organic Colorado hemp high in the rocky mountains. The brand has since forayed into more natural goodness with a bonafide CBD line. All our faves are here, including CBD gummies, tinctures, and a fantastic CBD balm.

Organic CBD Coffee

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Wild Berry

If you’ve been to a brick-and-mortar headshop recently, you’ve probably seen Wild Berry incense on display. Since we’re the best online headshop, we only thought it proper that we should be providing Wild Berry’s signature incense, too! The brand calls themselves “America’s Best Incense” and we wholeheartedly agree. Get your faves like Dragon Blood and keep your house smelling amazing while you burn one down.

Incense Backflow Cones- Dragon’s Blood

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Arizer is a high-tech purveyor of vaporizers and accessories. We love their portable vaporizers that provide those billowy clouds on the go, but they have some great at-home options as well. Arizer caters to dry herb smokers and helps us tokers get the most out of our cannabis, without the irritating smoke. While many of us here at Headshop are Volcano purists and devotees of the Silver Surfer, the Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer gives them both a run for their money. With a remote control and unmatched durability, it’s a forever piece that doesn’t disappoint. 

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

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Stoners: Stay tuned.

We’ll let you know when we onboard more new, heady brands. Until then, keep on keepin’ on. And be sure to give us a shout if you can think of an awesome, mission-driven brand for us to add to our online Headshop. Peace out.

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