How to Use a Dab Rig Without a Torch

by Chris Husong

How to Use a Dab Rig Without a TorchTake your cannabis experience to a whole new level with dabbing. Not only does every single dab pack a punch, but it also allows you to savor all the flavors and aromas much more than with other methods of consumption.

There’s a learning curve that comes with dabbing (just like anything new) that you’ll need to understand in order to maximize all the benefits. It’s fairly easy to get a handle on how to use a dab rig, but some smokers might feel a little overwhelmed with the number of tools needed.

dab rig is simply a bong with specific features that allow for smoking waxy concentrates, but a torch is one of the most misunderstood tools of a dab rig. We understand that some folks might be afraid of a torch. There’s the obvious risk of fire and they can cause painful burns.

You might be wondering if you can use a dab rig without a torch. The answer is yes, you can in several different ways. Here, we’ll take a look at all the different ways to use a dab rig without a torch.

But first things first, why do you need a torch to dab?

To dab, you take a small amount of concentrate (just a “dab”) and vaporize it on a hot nail. But, it must be an insanely red-hot nail before you transfer a dab onto it.

This is where the butane torch lighter comes in. Butane torches are typically used to light cigars because the intensity of the flame allows for quick and even lighting of the large, wet surface of a cigar.

A similar process applies to dabbing. The torch heats the nail to the point where it becomes super red hot. Then you transfer a dab onto the nail, put your lips over the mouthpiece of the rig and inhale.

How to Use a Dab Rig Without a Torch

If you don’t own a torch (or you’re afraid to use one), you can try one of the methods below:

Use the Stovetop
You can heat glass or metal nails from your dab rig on a gas stove (or electric stove). This method requires a pair of good tongs to protect yourself from getting burned. Here’s how you can heat your dab rig using the stovetop:
  1. Turn on a stovetop burner with the heat set to high.
  2. Holding the nail with the tongs, place it over the burner.
  3. Heat the nail up for 5 minutes.
  4. Remove the nail from the burner and put it in your dab rig.
  5. Start dabbing!

Although this method can take a while for the nail to get red-hot, it’s easy and inexpensive. Because the temperature is inconsistent throughout the nail, you’ll have to return the nail to the stovetop in between hits.

Use an E-nail
If you want a flameless method of heating, E-nails are the best option. A coil is the heating element that rests on the dab nail. An E-nail typically uses a combination of titanium and quartz for the best conductivity and precision temperature control. With an E-nail, you can dab anywhere, anytime without the risk of fire. However, E-nails are expensive, costing anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the quality.

Use a Health Stone
A health stone is an attachment for a pipe and bowl that uses an inert ceramic stone that gives dabbers more portability. Put your dabs on top of the stone, applying heat under the stone using a cigar lighter to vaporize your waxy concentrates.

How to Dab Without a Rig

Dabbing is great and all, but the tools can be expensive, and then there’s the problem of a torch. Not to worry though, there are other options you can try instead of using a dab rig.

Use a Vaporizer
Vaporizers are used to inhale the vapor of dried herbs or waxy concentrates. For concentrates, your device must have a chamber that is compatible with dabbing. The neat thing about vaporizers is that the batteries hold a long charge, sometimes up to a full day. This means you have the portability that dabbers want. In addition, vapes are much more discreet than a dab rig.

Top a Bowl
Concentrates have been around for a while, even longer than dab rigs. So how did dabbers do it back then? Well, they put dabs on top of a packed bowl of herb. If you’re experienced with concentrates, you can use about two dabs per bowl. Pack it like a sandwich with some bud first, then some dabs, and then more bud. This method will protect your concentrates against an open flame.

Wrap a Joint
Make a long snake out of your dab and wrap it around the outside of your joint or blunt. You can also use your dabber to apply your dab to the joint.

No Torch? No Worries!

Using a dab rig without a torch is actually pretty simple once you understand the above options. You don’t have to rely on a torch with your dab rig!

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