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Great Terp Pen

My second one. Can't live without one so I have two, but I've never had a problem yet. May gift one to my best friend. It's that good.

Great Roller

I have tried other cheep rollers and was not happy everything stuck to the cloth they used. The Rawtomatic Roll Box works perfect nothing sticks to it and pretty simple to use

Really fast shipping.

Shipping was fast and item came in perfect condition


Your delivery to me was fine. I’m happy. No complaints.

My new favorite mug

I love this mug so much. It’s sturdy, holds a lot, and is very easy to clean. I’m so glad I bought it!



I love my back pack ...lots of compliments on it

Love love love it

Great little thing

This is my fourth ash catcher. I keep breaking them. So far this is also my fave: it works great, doesn’t spill easily, and cleans up great. And it hasn’t broken yet! I prefer this style perc over the trees for ease of cleaning and sturdiness (fingers crossed!). You do have to be wary of leaving it attached when you are done because it completely throws off the balance of your bong and next thing you know is there’s bong water everywhere along with a sodden bowl of weed! Discovering ash catchers has been a game changer for my 63-year-old lungs; I cough much less. It’s also handy for use with silicone bongs because you can see how thick the smoke is goI just wish they weren’t so spendy.


This is what I'm talking about! This one stem fits all three of my bongs. It has this cool design that makes it easy to separate it from the bong.

Hammer it

I love that I can hit the bowl into my ashtray to clean it out, without the screen coming out!

The best

I tried many bowls and I've never had anything that holds the screen so reliably. The flow is amazing and my bong stays clean forever!

Definitely get this one!

Pricey but probably worth it

I like this bong, having replaced a typical flask shaped unit that not only was impossible to clean, but held very little effective cooling water.

This holds a lot of water and cools better than any bong I have used other than home made units….think jelly jars.

It is top quality as I would expect for almost $200.00. It is well laid out with the exception of the cleaning rod which mounts in a hole on the side of the top plate. Great idea, but I actually discovered this feature as I was disassembling the unit for a clean and water change when it slipped out of the hole and down into my garbage disposal!

Luckily I heard it hit the sink before it went down the drain and my wife was able to recover it. It now lives in the packing tube that came with the unit and I use my old stand by skewer. It seems odd that the cleaning rod is aluminum…..perhaps a steel rod could take advantage of the locally mounted magnet in the top plate? Sure it could potentially rust but I suspect use often enough that this would not be a problem. Or, Put a small groove in the aluminum rod and add a small o-ring for a friction fit.

I have not run it in the dishwasher yet but just left it in some soapy water over night and it came clean with a blue non stick scrubby. I will definitely be using the dishwasher in the future.

So… works great, is very cleanable and other than the small issue with the cleaning rod is a good value if you can appreciate the features. Jelly jars work great too!

A Smooth Vape

The draw on this thing is incredibly smooth, and the vapor it's just right not too harsh on the throat. Plus, the battery life surprised me it lasted way longer than I expected.

Work of art

Exactly like my regular volcano hybrid except the most amazing matte black! I love it so much. I use my volcano everyday and it never disappoints, eases my symptoms, not harsh on my throat and lungs, and the taste is amazing!

This. Is. Amazing.

At it's core this is a great auto-bubbler. quick, clean, smooth. However, the ability to thread in any 510 AND drop in concentrates as you see fit, this thing is amazing. The battery life is great (enough where I am surprised when I have to charge it), the hits are absolutely amazing. Smooth clean milky white vapors. You will 100% burn through 510 carts faster that you normally would, because you are taking bigger hits.

Wonderful Pipe

Saw that teal looking green and I loved it. let's say it's a lay'ed back take your time with cold or hot drink type of pipe I love it's extra things that makes it even better... I recommend the steamroller. I will be buying more of y'all's products.

Best hand pipe ever

I got my first Grav Bauble from my local dispensary and fell in love with it. I had this bowl for well over a year and a half before dropping it on concrete and it broke. But I had to get another one ASAP. None of my other pieces hit like this one, such a smooth hit. And the bowl fits comfortably and easily in my ha d which is really important because I have arthritis. I am going to buy a few in other colors next paycheck!

Nice dugout!

I love this dugout but don’t like the fact that I can’t put another one hitter in it. I like the glass but I’m prone to drop things. I’ve dropped it once but thankfully it hasn’t broken 🤞�Overall good dugout. Lid goes on tight and I don’t worry it’s going to fall off or loosen.

this is incredibly elegant...

This is incredibly elegant and fun to use. feel like your favorite wizard. very comfortable feel and very easy to control smoke density. i’ll be buying at least two more in different colors

Superior Smoking Steamroller

In my opinion this is the perfect steamroller, thick glass, sleek design, inverted ash catcher mouthpiece, and a decent bowl, all on a pipe that is just right size for a puff at home of on the go, plus its simple shape makes it a breeze to clean, ya can't go wrong with this one.

Nice sized mini pipe

Always liked the Sherlock style pipes. We already had the large Sherlock and wanted to get the mini. We ordered the mini in smoke and it showed up a few days later. It is exactly what we wanted! The perfect size to fit in our travel kit. Thank you Grav!


Very well made, easily the coolest bubbler mainly because of the portability and durability. The features and material are the best, especially the heat resistant silicone. Thank you Headshop!


Love my Grav spoon pipe. My 1st Grav product. Great looking pipe(Lake Green) and the weed tastes wonderful!

Whoever redesigned this dugout deserves a medal!

The new bat is basically a “2 hitter” but that’s fine. Making the bat hollow is a huge improvement, and now it’s almost impossible to get it clogged. And if it does, you’ve included a built in clean out on the bottom - brilliant!! Love the the pouch it comes with too. Just enough room to include a lighter. After buying one for myself, I’ve bought several as presents for friends.


So happy with the product!! It really chucks even when it isn't on the highest level and it tastes amazing!! The design is super sleek and small. It fits in my hand and the color options were great I loved the one I picked! Best vaporizer I have purchased in my life yet!!