Headshop.com Authors

Chris Husong

CEO of Headshop.com

As a sales and marketing authority, Chris draws on his entrepreneurial and executive experience in cannabis, creative, and financial fields to develop universally over-performing outcomes for investors and brands. Chris' initiatives add value to the bottom line while creating industry-leading brand recognition.

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Matt Hampton

Founder, Headshop.com

Remember the first time you walked into a headshop; the amazing sights and smells, the sense of wonder? That memory is what led Matt Hampton to create Headshop.com. A keen student of the digital revolution, Matt founded the online home for those who want to explore and buy high-quality items related to cannabis and other plant-based medicine — safely and efficiently.

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Kevin Treman

Marketing Director

Kevin Treman compiles over twenty years of website design, application development, marketing, content management, for the cannabis industry. Kevin is an expert at matching company image to a design then creating an ROI focused marketing plan that will increase business profits.

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