An ingenious innovation for a healthier smoking experience, vaporizers heat your favorite herbs or concentrates to an ideal temperature so you can enjoy the flavor and effects without combustion. We offer a variety of different styles and heating elements for a silky smooth inhale.
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    The cough that comes after smoking cannabis flower is unmistakable—in stoner environments, these cough attacks usually elicit laughter. And while coughing is perhaps seen as a newbie thing, it’s not fun when it gets even the most experienced smoker. How about being able to get high without the contaminants that come with smoke inhalation? Enter the world of vaporizers. 

    It’s all about a smoother experience that doesn’t cause the dreaded cough attack. Sometimes, the vapor is so smooth that you don’t even realize how much you’ve inhaled. If you’re new to vapes, a word of caution! Start with slow, small puffs. If you’re already used to vaping, you know what we’re talking about.

    Choosing the best vaporizer takes a little know-how. Below, we give you the tips you need to select the ideal vaporizer for your needs. Whether you’re into the latest cannabis strains or looking for vaporizers to use with CBD, you’ll find all the info you need. 

    How to Choose a Vaporizer

    If you do a quick search for the best vaporizers, you’ll be bombarded with tons of options. Some vaporizers for cannabis are smaller, while others are considerably larger. Some use oil, while others use flower. It can be hard to decide if you don’t have a game plan for choosing the best one for your needs. 

    To help you choose a vaporizer, you have to consider two main factors: the purpose and the type. You may realize that you’d like a portable vaporizer for when you’re out and about and a desktop vaporizer for when you’re settled in at home. Ultimately, you get to decide on all the elements related to your vaporizer.


    What we mean by purpose is whether you want to use dry herbs or flower, wax, and oils, or if you’d like a vaporizer that can handle both. You can use cannabis flower, CBD flower, or even tobacco for flower. You must thoroughly grind up your flower before inserting it into your dry herb vaporizers. This is a great way to enjoy the effects of your dry herbs without dealing with any of the irritants related to smoking them.

    If you’re more into wax and oils, you need a vaporizer with a chamber that handles wax and oils. For example, a portable flower vape won’t be able to take any kind of cannabis oil. You need to purchase the right product to match what you’re interested in vaping. A combination model is your best bet if you’re into all the above. With this type of model, you have the flexibility to use flower, waxes, or oils interchangeably.

    Portable vs. Desktop

    The next consideration is whether you want a portable or a desktop vaporizer. Basically, you have to answer the question, “Where do I want to vape?” If you’re a stay-at-home type of person, it’s easy to decide—a desktop vaporizer is for you. Desktop vaporizers plug into your wall outlet. They’re a lot larger, have more functionality, and deliver an overall richer vaping experience.

    On the other hand, if you’re planning to vape when you’re on the go, a portable option is better. These are lighter, smaller, and more discreet. They are usually battery-operated, so you’re not confined next to your wall outlet during use. In fact, you’re not restricted to any one location—and they fit neatly into your pocket!

    Types of Vaporizers

    Now you have the basics on choosing vaporizers for cannabis and know whether you are interested in vaping flower, wax, and oils, or whether you’d like to vape a combination of all. You also know what your two primary options for vaporizers are: portable options and desktop models. Below, we delve a little deeper into different types of vaporizers.

    Disposable Vapes

    Many people who first try out vaporizers start with disposable vapes. These vapes are already pre-filled and pre-charged, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything extra. You also don’t have to worry about cleanup. Instead, you can puff away until you’re all done and toss it. You can sample different flavors without any commitment or worrying about cleaning the vape or buying and replacing coils.

    Disposable vapes are a favorite for many because of how affordable and easy to use they are. Typically, disposable vapes are so easy to use they don’t even require a button. Simply start inhaling and enjoy the vaping experience. You don’t have to worry about charging these devices either. They’re ready to use as soon as they arrive, and they’re easy to dispose of once you’ve enjoyed them thoroughly.

    On average, disposable vapes last for approximately 300 puffs, depending on how frequently you use them and how much you inhale at a time.

    Portable Flower Vapes

    Portable flower vapes are small, battery-powered dry herb vaporizers that you can insert cannabis or CBD flower into. There’s a small chamber in the device where you place ground-up flower for on-the-go fun and relief. Make sure you have a solid, effective grinder on hand if you plan to use this type of vape. 

    Portable flower vapes are perfect for the flower enthusiast who wants a cleaner, smoother vaping experience. While there are tabletop devices you can use, the primary appeal of a flower vape is its portability. You don’t have to wait to get home to enjoy the flavor and high you’re looking for.

    Portability is the main advantage of a flower vape, so if you’re considering this type of vape, also consider its limitations. If you’re looking to extract the maximum flavor of terpenes, you may not be able to manipulate the heat of these devices enough to reach that goal. Some may have more functionality than others in controlling the heat, but you may not be able to select a specific temp.

    You have portability but some limitations regarding temperature adjustments with dry herb vaporizers. However, these types of vapes are known for capturing the nuances of unique strains. That means you still get to enjoy the different flavors and effects while choosing your scenery. Head to the beach, enjoy firelight at a bonfire, or just chill out at your friend’s house. You can have your flower vape with you no matter where you are.

    Portable Oil Vapes

    Portable oil vapes are much like portable flower vapes, except they use oil instead of flower. These are great for on-the-go use and are pretty affordable compared to other vaporizer options. Plus, these are pretty small, so you can be discreet about your vape use. 

    Take it with you when you leave home—just pop it in your pocket, get blissed out, smile at the world, and they’ll be none the wiser. Some portable oil vapes have a chamber where you can use your own cannabis oil, while others already come equipped with cannabis oil. You won’t have to load or unload the product. The type you choose is up to you.

    These have become a top favorite for cannabis and CBD users because the batteries are super affordable, and the CO2 oil inside of them creates a really smooth vaping experience. It lasts for longer than you might think. Plus, having an option to buy a pre-packaged, pre-filled oil vape is a lot better, especially if you’re not familiar with getting the right consistency for cannabis oil.

    Of course, the type of high you experience depends on the strain you purchase, but generally, oil vapes deliver a high that’s focused more around your head than your body. When you buy a pre-filled oil vape, be sure you’re checking the ingredients in the product. 

    Manufacturers use thinning agents to get the cannabis oil or CBD oil to the right consistency, so you have to make sure that you’re purchasing high-quality products to ensure your safety. Cheap vapes may seem attractive at first glance but trust us—it’s always worth the extra cash to get a high-quality product.

    Desktop Vaporizers

    While portability is great, you must also have your vaping setup at home. A desktop vaporizer is precisely for that purpose. With a desktop vaporizer, you have significantly greater capacity and more functionality for vaping. You get better heating elements, larger chambers for your flower and wax, bigger fans, and better technology overall. 

    Many people love using desktop vaporizers for flower, so you’ll notice that many of these models are equipped with convection ovens. Convection oven technology makes it so that heated air extracts all the active ingredients from your flower to deliver those unmistakable, large vapor clouds.

    Portable and disposable vapes don’t compare to the vaping experience you get with a desktop vaporizer. With these vapes, you get the cleanest, smoothest vapor while leaving behind any impurities you typically get from smoke. 

    For users who need cannabis or CBD vapes for medicinal purposes, it delivers the relief you need without any of the irritants related to smoking flower. If you haven’t yet created a vaping environment at home, consider purchasing a desktop vaporizer to set the scene—and the mood.


    E-rigs, also known as dab rigs, are a bit different. Desktop vaporizers are used primarily for flower, while an e-rig is explicitly used for wax concentrates. They’re often as big as a typical desktop vaporizer but there are some smaller, portable models available. With these, you’ll see a water attachment that helps to cool down the vapor and they’ll typically be outfitted with some kind of conduction heating element. These heat elements are ideal for wax concentrates because they’re fast and distribute the heat evenly.

    If you’re not concerned so much with the flavor experience or the aromatic experience that comes with vaping flower, and you’re more into the intensity of the high, an e-rig is for you. 

    Wax concentrate is one of the most potent methods for you to get your cannabis in, so stick with an e-rig if you’re seeking out the maximum high. Set this up in your home next to a comfy couch and whatever entertainment you’re most into. If you want to take an e-rig with you anywhere, aside from some investing in some good stash gear, make sure you’re buying a model with a special carrying case, so you protect it when you’re on the go.

    Features of Vaporizers

    No matter the type of vaporizer you select, three main features make vaporizers attractive to users:

    • Product chamber
    • Heating element
    • Power source

    Product Chamber

    Disposable vapes have a pre-filled chamber where cannabis oil or CBD oil go. Dry herb vaporizers have a chamber where you can place ground up flower yourself while oil vapes have a chamber where you can pour the oil of your choice. Some models offer versatility while others offer simplicity, like disposable options.

    Heating Element

    Every vape has some kind of heating element. This heating element is ultimately what heats your product enough to turn it into vapor. These heating elements work quickly, which means you get to vape without much wait time. Because of the high heat these vaporizers utilize, you can enjoy flower, wax, or oils without any of the impurities associated with smoking. This is a popular alternative for people who use cannabis products medicinally.

    Power Source

    No matter what type of vape you choose, it needs a power source. Disposable and portable vapes typically use a battery while desktop vaporizers can be plugged into a wall outlet for greater power (useful for greater functionality).

    How to Use Different Types of Vapes

    Disposable Vapes

    The easiest of all to use! Disposable vapes just require that you remove them from the packaging, and begin inhaling. Most are equipped without a button but if you see a button, you need to press it first before you start puffing away. The next step is to enjoy it completely, taking small or big puffs at a whim until all the product is finished. Once it’s empty, you can simply toss it into the trash and move on to another disposable vape (or another type of vaporizer).

    Portable Vapes

    A disposable vape is a portable vape, but just to clarify, we’re solely talking about portable flower vapes and portable oil vapes in this section. Your very first step when preparing to use your portable vape is to make sure that it’s fully charged. 

    Go ahead and fill the vape cartridge with the appropriate substance, whether that’s flour, wax, or oil, and connect it to the battery. Remember that if you’re using flour, it needs to be ground up thoroughly. Once your battery is connected to the product chamber or cartridge, go ahead, turn it on, and start vaping!

    Desktop Vaporizers

    Desktop vaporizers are a bit more complex. The first step is to thoroughly grind your flower blend (unless you’re using oil or wax). When using flower, many people overlook the importance of properly grinding it up. However, this step is ultra-crucial to ensure you get the best desktop vaping experience. 

    Once you have your product ready, go ahead and turn on your desktop vaporizer. You can select your perfect temperature and wait for it to heat up completely. Next, fill your desktop vape with your chosen product. Finally, go ahead and enjoy the intense flavors, effects, and vape clouds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much are vapes?

    That all depends on the type of vape you wish to purchase. On the lower end, you can expect to pay around $20-$25 for a vape pen and on the higher end, you can expect to spend more like $100-$600, perhaps even more, depending on the brand and technology. 

    Keep in mind that disposable vapes are the most affordable in the short term because they come with everything you need. However, when you invest in a desktop vaporizer, the cost is lower long-term because you have the main device and just need to replace coils and ensure you keep it clean.

    How do vapes work?

    Vapes work slightly differently depending on the type of vape you’re using. However, they all share several components in common. Each has a chamber or cartridge where your products go—be it wax, oil, or flower. They also have some kind of heating element, which vaporizers the product. They all require some kind of power source, whether it’s a battery or a wall plug-in. 

    When you begin to puff, the heating element is activated, and the product releases vapor, which you then inhale. With desktop vaporizers, these steps are a bit more complex, but you also have more control over the temperature, which affects how intense the flavors and vape clouds get.

    How old do you have to be to buy vapes?

    In the United States, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase vapes. Be mindful of state laws when it comes to the type of vape you purchase, especially if you’re using cannabis products. 

    Also, if you’re traveling with a portable vape, be sure to check any laws of the locations you’ll be passing through and arriving at. Since disposable and portable vapes are small and discreet, they may be forgotten about in travel bags or even pockets, so be extra mindful when traveling if you typically carry a cannabis vape with you.

    How long do vapes last?

    A disposable vape lasts as long as it still has product in it. Typically, that’s around 300 puffs—give or take—depending on your style of vaping. If you invest in a desktop vaporizer, then you have a great product for much longer. So long as you keep it clean and replace the coils regularly, you can enjoy a quality desktop vaporizer for many years to come.

    What’s the difference between indica and sativa vapes?

    If you purchase a pre-filled vape, you will notice that the type of strain is labeled either Indica, sativa, or hybrid (which means a combination of both). Indica strains are known for producing more of a body high while sativa strains produce a more energized head high. 

    Indica is associated with a heavier feeling that users typically enjoy when they are looking to wind down, get some sleep, or alleviate pain. Sativa strains are ideal for daytime use when you still have tasks to handle and don’t want to get sleepy. 

    Sativa produces a more cerebral effect, that still allows for clarity and functioning. Hybrids may be either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. With these types of strains, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—a cerebral high along with a body high, though not as intense as if you were solely vaping indica.

    How do dry herb vaporizers work?

    Dry herb vaporizers work by heating ground up flower to a high temperature to produce vapor. This bypasses the need to smoke flower, which eliminates any toxins and irritants associated with the smoke.

    What kind of battery do vaporizers use?

    Vapes typically use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

    What are the best vaporizers for weed?

    Finding the best weed vaporizers depend on whether you want a portable model or a desktop model. Portable options are normally more affordable than desktop options, so consider your budget as well. So long as the weed vaporizers you choose are designed specifically for flower or other dry herbs, then you are all set.

    Questions People Ask

    Is it better for your lungs to vape?

    Vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. This is especially true if you have asthma or any other lung diseases. Vaping could actually exacerbate these conditions so be sure to use with care.

    What do vapes do to your lungs?

    Vaping still requires inhalation of a substance into your lungs. Because of this, vaping is associated with a greater risk of lung disease. There is still a great deal of research that hasn’t been conducted when it comes to vaping, whether you’re using wax, oil, or flower.