Teeter Totter

    Teeter Totter offers premium quality, highly accurate digital scales that are portable, reliable, user-friendly, and available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and sensitivities.

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    Teeter Totter BW Series Scale 100g X 0.01g - Headshop.com
    Teeter Totter BW Series Scale 100g X 0.01g - Headshop.com
    Teeter Totter BW Series Scale 100g X 0.01g
    Teeter Totter scale - BW - Headshop.com
    Teeter Totter scale - BW - Headshop.com
    Teeter Totter scale - BW
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    About Teeter Totter, A Trusted Brand

    For over 10 years, Teeter Totter’s main focus has been on portable pocket scales and kitchen scales. Made from the highest quality materials, Teeter Totter electronic scales are built to last in your home kitchen and can easily be taken with you on the go. All Teeter Totter scales are user-friendly and easy to use with an interface that is familiar to all types of users.

    Highly Accurate Sensitivity Measurements

    Teeter Totter scales come in various sensitivity measurements, up to 0.001g. Each model is extremely accurate, has a specific maximum weight capacity, and can read weights in increments of 0.001g. Precision sensors ensure highly accurate weighing. Multiple weighing modes are available in g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt.

    User-Friendly Features & Functionality

    Teeter Totter multifunctional 0.001g sensitive scales offer the most precise accuracy and come with various accessories, including tweezers and batteries for customer convenience. Look for user-friendly buttons and an easy-to-read backlit LCD Display. Indicators show low battery, low power, overload, and unstable. Tare functionality is also available in some models.

    Energy saving by 3 minutes is an option with an auto-off function. Protective measuring area covers offer the most precise weight. Teeter Totter scales are not only durable, but they are also convenient for a variety of uses, such as weighing food, medication, powder, coins, jewelry, gems, coins, gold, and silver.

    Available Teeter Totter models include the CTA, JG, RCB, CS, FX, YPA, BW, MBA, and TPS series.

    If you are weighing smaller items, Teeter Totter pocket scales are compact, lightweight tools that offer a precise measurement for items that weigh less than 1 gram or 0.05 ounces. Kitchen scales weigh items from 0.5 ounces up to 6 to 12 pounds. They can read in 0.05-ounce or 1-gram increments.