The Str8 Brand is an American company that designs all their products in the USA, based in Detroit. Str8 offers cases, rolling trays and rolling accessories, dab organizers, grab bags, as well as grinders and accessories. Keep reading to learn more about some popular products by Str8 Brand.

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    Str8 5" Mini Water Rig

    The Str8 5” Mini Water Rig is perfect for connoisseurs and beginners alike. This rig is one of the most dependable portable rigs in their collection and includes a 14mm male banger and carb cap. Available in various colors.

    Str8 18" Water Bubbler Straight Tube with Ice Catcher

    The Str8 8” Water Bubbler Straight Tube with Ice Catcher is complete with downstem and ice catcher straight tube and includes a 14mm male bowl. The glass on this piece is 5ml thick!

    STR8 Logo Rolling Tray with Ledge

    With the Str8 Logo Rolling Tray with Ledge, you can scoop against the ledge, roll evenly on the flat surface, and then place your rolled joint into the joint slot. Made of aluminum, this metal rolling tray is sturdy, durable, nontoxic, and the small size is ideal for travel.


    Lockable with automatic air pressure valves, all Str8 cases are complete stash boxes.


    STR8 also produces some the most innovative grinders in the industry including 2- and 4-piece metal grinders from 40 to 75 millimeters, material storage, and even the ability to lock items.

    Dab Organizers

    Str8 3D Essentials were created to solve an issue for experienced dabbers who use tabletop dab stations - namely disorganization! The company solved this issue by developing unique dab organizers that have quickly become a way for dabbers to organize and display their dab tools and materials. Some of the items include dab stands, carb caps, slide and nail holders, in addition to Q-tip stations.