Shine isn't just about the smoke—it's about the style. Holding a joint rolled with Shine's luxurious rolling papers elevates your status and makes you the envy of every weed-loving friend. Whether it's for a special occasion or simply to indulge in luxury, Shine papers are the ultimate statement piece.

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    Shine 24 Carat Gold BirthJay -
    Shine 24 Carat Gold BirthJay -
    Shine 24 Carat Gold BirthJay
    BirthJays All in Bundle -
    BirthJays All in Bundle
    Shine 24K Gold Pre-Rolled Cone -
    Shine 24K Gold Pre-Rolled Cone
    Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper | Kingsize -
    Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper | Kingsize
    Sold Out
    Shine Gold Rolling Tray -
    Shine Gold Rolling Tray
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    Shine Tiger Stripe Rolling Paper - 1 Paper/King Size -
    Shine Tiger Stripe Rolling Paper - 1 Paper/King Size

    About Shine

    Experience the epitome of luxury with Shine, where cigars meet weed and transform into 24K gold joints. Picture it: it’s 4am in Vegas, and after hitting the floor, you retreat to your room. The idea hits you: why not put gold on everything? Thus, Shine was born. Their iconic 24K gold rolling papers turn heads and elevate any smoking experience.

    Crafted for the discerning smoker, Shine papers boast a slow, luxurious burn, leaving behind golden "gems" in the ashtray. While you can't pawn your ashes, the experience of smoking gold is unparalleled. Shine's 24K rolling papers are the epitome of luxury, setting a new standard for high-end smoking accessories.

    Search online, and you'll quickly find Shine's 24K gold rolling papers collection. Known for their opulent appearance and superior quality, Shine papers offer a smoking experience like no other. With a smooth, slow burn, they're designed to enhance every puff.

    Product Spotlights

    Shine Gold Rolling Tray

    Their product range extends beyond rolling papers to include exquisite smoking accessories like the Shine Gold Rolling Tray. Featuring the Shine logo on a gleaming gold surface, this stainless-steel tray ensures your herbs and accessories stay in place while you roll.

    Shine Gold Herb Grinder

    Complete your Shine setup with the Shine Gold Herb Grinder, designed for a perfect fluffy grind every time. With its 4-piece design and anodized gold finish, it's the perfect complement to your Shine rolling papers.

    Shine 24 Carat Gold BirthJay

    And for a truly unforgettable celebration, indulge in the Shine 24 Carat Gold BirthJay. Crafted in collaboration with BirthJay, these papers are the ultimate way to elevate your birthday festivities. With Shine, every smoke session becomes a celebration of luxury and style.