SharpStone offers a large variety of grinders, shredders, presses, and accessories, from 2-piece and 4-piece models to hard top, crank top, and clear top styles, and much more. There is a wide range of colors, as well as finishes to choose from.

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    Sharpstone Aluminum Press -
    Sharpstone Aluminum Press
    A Sharpstone Grinder is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, high-quality weed grinder.

    About SharpStone

    SharpStone makes grinders in multiple different models, shapes, and sizes. The brand is known for making high-quality yet affordable pieces with all the features you’re looking for. The brand offers grinders ranging from 2-piece and 4-piece models with hard, crank, and clear tops. Most brands have a limited stock, but SharpStone goes all in with dozens of colors and finishes as well.

    All SharpStone grinders are constructed of durable CNC-milled aircraft-grade quality aluminum, anodized, with strong rare earth neodymium magnets to seal the lids. A tightly sealed grinder not only keeps your weed fresh, but also keeps the aroma and flavor of your material locked inside the grinder.

    SharpStone grinders are crafted to exceed industry standards without any manufacturing defects, like uneven edges or other imperfections. Even minor flaws can cause injury if you slip and cut yourself while grinding due to manufacturing defects.

    SharpStone Clear Top Grinder

    Let’s take a closer look at the SharpStone Clear Top Grinder. You can see through the clear lid and watch as your weed is ground up by 46 diamond-shaped cutting blades. At 2.5 inches high and 5 ounces, this grinder is very lightweight. The magnetized lid has a perfect seal at the top of the grinder to prevent spillage. Under the top lid is a poly ring to reduce friction for smooth and even grinding, even with the first few turns. Be careful not to get cut by 46 razor-sharp, diamond-shaped teeth! The kief catcher at the bottom of the collection chamber is made of rust-proof, stainless steel micro-mesh to prevent oxidization and contamination of the pollen. 

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