PYPTEK is an American company based in Colorado that is committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing next level glass and metal pipes that are easy to clean and made to last.
    These modern pieces showcase elegance and excellence in engineering.

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    One of their most popular products is the Prometheus Titan, a uniquely futuristic glass pipe that looks as cool as it performs. In addition to the Prometheus Titan, PYPTEK also offers the Nano, Pocket, Dreamroller, Bubbler, Glass Dabber, and Quart Oil Kit. Keep reading to learn more about the Prometheus Titan and PYPTEK.

    PYPTEK Prometheus Titan

    We’re not exaggerating when we say that the PYPTEK Prometheus Titan glass pipe is a true heavyweight. An engineering feat, the Titan’s well-balanced and ergonomic design delivers the ultimate smoking experience. This pipe offers smooth, clean, and robust hits. Featuring a borosilicate glass bowl and tube, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum casing, rubber gaskets that act as shock absorbers, and a smoke screen that blocks embers. Compatible with PYPTEK concentrate attachments. The device comes with an extra o-ring, screen kit, and pipe cleaners. Available in five rich colors.

    About PYPTEK

    PYPTEK was founded in 2012 by James Humes and Matt Greenberg, focusing on the hard goods market. Manufacturing from start to finish takes place in the USA, allowing greater attention to detail that speaks to a higher standard of product excellence and customer satisfaction in the industry.

    Originally known as Prometheus, the PYPTEK name takes ‘PYP’ and ‘TEK’ from pipe and technology, the two industries that will achieve the company’s mission of raising the bar in the cannabis industry for product excellence and delivering the most authentic smoking experience for customer satisfaction.  

    In addition, PYP is an acronym for Protect Your Piece. This is an idea brought to life in the durable hardware that makes PYPTEK’s products noteworthy in its high-end engineering. And ‘TEK’ reflects on the advanced technology behind the company’s evolution.