OTTO is the first all-in-one device that can easily grind herbs and then fill a cone perfectly. A hybrid device, OTTO combines the functionality of an electric grinder with a cone filling machine. With its patented Perfect Fill System, load herbs into the grinder when OTTO pops open. Then load the cone tube, connect the grinder to the tube, and push the button.

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    About OTTO by Banana Bros.

    Banana Bros. was established in 2017 by Manny Montano and Dave Richmond, offering products so customers can “make it easy, to take it easy.” They both knew that the process of grinding herbs to make a cone takes time and make a mess, with sometimes unexpected results. Richmond and Montano decided to act by developing the brand’s first product, OTTO. With OTTO, anyone can grind herbs with only the touch of a button.

    Before herb grinders were readily available, smokers basically had two options – to use their fingers to break up the herb or stuff an entire bud into a bowl. Both of which can be messy and waste precious material. OTTO streamlines the process by automatically funneling the herb into a cone right after grinding. 

    SMART Grind Technology

    Also, using SMART Grind Technology, OTTO can automatically change its movements. By sensing the size of the herb, it can adjust accordingly for the perfect grind of finely milled herb. Customers just fill the device with dry herbs, add a premium cone, and click the button.

    Besides the premium cones offered by Banana Bros., OTTO’s design also accommodates other wraps. This is a huge plus. Many users encounter problems with rollers that are incompatible with any brand you might have. But OTTO is compatible with any type of king--sized cones.

    OTTO is wireless, while most electric grinders plug-in, which is yet another plus. Charging is done via USB which can easily be done at a wall outlet, on your computer, or in your car.