The OmniVap is DynaVap’s portable vaporizer that is made of practically indestructible titanium to deliver a winning combination of performance and durability. One of the smallest vaporizers ever developed, the OmniVap is ultra-portable and ideal for smoking sessions on the go.

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    About the OmniVap by DynaVap

    The OmniVap’s body, tip, and mouthpiece are made of titanium, while the heating cap is made of stainless steel. Airflow is easily adjustable by twisting the mouthpiece. Restrict the airflow for thicker vapor, raise the airflow for smoother, cooler vapor. 

    The device can be heated to the ideal temperature using a variety of methods to include standard lighters, torch lighters, or even candle flames as long as enough heat is applied. The OmniVap can heat up in 3 to 5 seconds with torch lighters, and 5 to 10 seconds with standard lighters and candle flames.

    Even during a long session, the titanium body and mouthpiece never get hot. Powered completely by external heat, the OmniVap requires no batteries and no charging which means no waiting! A first in the vaporizer industry, the device features DynaVap's non-electronic temperature indicator.

    Considered one of the best dry herb vaporizers available today, the crowning jewel in the DynaVap product line, the titanium exterior matte finish provides a high-end aesthetic and reduces fingerprints and scratches. 

    About DynaVap

    DynaVap was established in 2015 with the goal of developing a Thermal Extraction Device (TED) without batteries. The VapCap was the company’s flagship product and the product line has since expanded to include more than 100 devices, each one able to be customized.

    Using the highest quality materials, DynaVap has all product design, engineering, and manufacturing performed in-house which is important for continuous innovation and improvement. DynaVap believes that all staff ideas and customer feedback are major factors to maintain a dynamic work environment.