Oak and Earth Creations

    Oak and Earth Creations masterfully combines artistry, functionality, and sustainability, making each product not just a smoking accessory but a piece of craftsmanship that respects the environment. Enjoy an elevated smoking experience with these thoughtfully hand-crafted ceramic pipes.

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    Oak and Earth Creations Leaf Pipe - 5.25" - Headshop.com
    Oak and Earth Creations Leaf Pipe - 5.25
    Wave Blue Charcoal Moss Green Ivory
    Oak and Earth Creations Leaf Pipe - 5.25"
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    Oak and Earth Creations Sherlock Pipe - 4.5" - Headshop.com
    Oak and Earth Creations Sherlock Pipe - 4.5
    Wave Blue Charcoal Moss Green Ivory
    Oak and Earth Creations Sherlock Pipe - 4.5"

    Introducing Oak and Earth Creations, the heart of eco-friendly ceramic smokeware, based in Tucson, Arizona and Edmonton, Canada. This small, dedicated team of ceramic artists has a vision: to craft stunning ceramic smoking accessories with a commitment to sustainability.

    Oak and Earth Creations was born from the idea that consumers should have a choice for environmentally responsible, locally crafted ceramic cannabis accessories. This commitment to eco-consciousness shines through in their exceptional products.

    • Sherlock Pipe: Measuring 4.5 inches long, this ceramic hand pipe stands out with its Sherlock-style design. The large bowl size ensures you can pack your favorite herb to enjoy smooth, flavorful hits. Choose from an array of natural color options to suit your style.
    • Leaf Pipe: A graceful 5.25 inches long, this ceramic hand pipe features a captivating leaf design and an epoxy resin accent that adds a touch of sophistication. Just like the Sherlock Pipe, it's available in various natural color options.
    • Mahuta Water Pipe: Standing tall at 10.5 inches, this ceramic water pipe boasts a prismatic base shape that both stabilizes and captivates. The colorful glazed finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures long-lasting quality. It's equipped with a 19mm downstem diffuser with a 14mm joint, complemented by a 14mm male herb slide with a leaf handle. Of course, you can select your preferred color.

    About Oak and Earth Creations

    What sets these designs apart is their sustainable foundation. Oak and Earth Creations is deeply committed to using salvaged wood, meticulously sourced from local woodlands in Ontario. Furthermore, for every piece they sell, they initiate a cycle of giving back. Through their partnership with One Tree Planted, Canada's national greening program, Oak and Earth Creations takes responsibility for planting five trees, and doing their part in the greenification of the environment. So, with each purchase, you not only enhance your smoking experience but also contribute to the broader mission of environmental conservation.