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    NuuMe Organics offers not just CBD products, but the highest quality, purity, and effective CBD products that can actually transform lives. NuuMe Organics manufactures USDA Certified Organic CBD topicals like Extra-Strength CBD Relief Salve, drops including CBD Peppermint Drops, gelcaps, and CBD for pets - all at a reasonable price.

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    Relief Salve - Extra Strength -
    Relief Salve - Extra Strength -
    Nuume CBD Relief Salve - Extra Strength
    Massage Therapy Oil -
    Massage Therapy Oil -
    Nuume CBD Massage Therapy Oil
    Citrus & Spruce Lotion -
    Citrus & Spruce Lotion -
    Nuume CBD Citrus & Spruce Lotion
    Peppermint Drops -
    Peppermint Drops -
    Nuume CBD Peppermint Drops

    NuuMe Extra-Strength CBD Relief Salve

    NuuMe Extra-Strength CBD Relief Salve contains 1500mg of CBD as well as other beneficial cannabinoids including CBG and CBN, terpenes, and flavonoids. Ingredients also include organic coconut, lemongrass, lavender, and eucalyptus oils.

    NuuMe CBD Peppermint Drops

    NuuMe CBD Peppermint Drops contain 500mg of CBD along with other beneficial cannabinoids including CBG and CBN, micronutrients, terpenes, and flavonoids. Ingredients also include coconut and peppermint oils. CBD drops are vegan and gluten-free without any preservatives or artificial flavors.

    NuuMe recommends using Topicals for aches and pains plus Drops for inflammation. Extra Strength Salve offers great results in terms of pain relief, as well as value for your money. Or, you might prefer CBD Massage Therapy Oil. Massage into affected areas as needed. One dropper of the Drops are recommended once or twice a day.

    Check out NuuMe’s 750mg CBD Massage Therapy Oil with Sweet Almond, Sage, and Rosemary oils, as well as 500mg CBD Citrus and Spruce Lotion with Sunflower, Basil, and Lime oils!

    About NuuMe Organics

    Founded in 2014, NuuMe Organics is based in Colorado. The founder, Dexter, experienced the life-changing effects of hemp himself and now creating exceptional hemp products with transformative properties has become his life’s work. After investing his life savings and borrowing money from a grandparent, he bought some land and started turning his hemp dream into a reality.

    Dexter has taken a scientific yet holistic approach by developing a regenerative farming system to foster the ecosystem along with a proprietary cold extraction process, in addition to his own hemp strains of hemp with an outstanding spectrum of actives.