NoGoo is a trusted company in the smoking industry that manufactures nonstick silicone products for concentrates. The company offers a variety of products ranging from dab rigs and containers to dab mats, all at reasonable price points. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, their products are shatter-proof, heat resistant, and perfectly portable.

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    NoGoo Silicone Stand - Oil Station - Purple -
    NoGoo Silicone Stand - Oil Station - Purple
    And, they will remove 100% of waxy concentrates without leaving any waste.

    About NoGoo

    NoGoo founder, Jonny B, didn’t invent silicone, of course, but his clever branding and business sense transformed this durable material into the dabber’s staple that it is now. Previously silicone was just another choice when it came to smoking products but ever since the company’s Nickelodeon-style splat came onto the marketplace, it has become THE choice in 710 storage. Mr. B has remained at the forefront of the cannabis space by gradually expanding the company’s product line to include a variety of silicone dabbing products and accessories.

    NoGoo Nonstick Silicone Products

    Now, NoGoo has expanded its practically indestructible silicone product line again to include water pipes, hand pipes, spoons, bowls, stands, oil stations, scrapers, and trays. Silicone pipes had already been released by other companies, but not with the level of quality innovation or the signature branding of NoGoo. Every product in the new line of lightweight smoking devices comes with the glass fittings for a smooth hit and is emblazoned with the NoGoo logo (that customers love).

    The dab rig takes versatility and functionality even further with a lanyard for portability and a secret space at the bottom, plus a removable mouthpiece that can also serve as a silicone chillum. When it comes to cleaning NoGoo non-stick pipes, there’s never any need for special cleaning supplies. The unbreakable silicone pipes clean easily with alcohol and saltwater. Most products are available in multiple cool colors.