Based in Los Angeles, Grenco Science was one of the first companies to develop a vape pen, namely the G-Pen which was
    for essential oils and personal aromatherapy. Now, the simple design of the MicroG makes it appealing if you like to vape on-the-go.

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    The MicroG design is easier to fill up with concentrate in comparison to the original G-Pen. Also, in comparison to the original G-Pen, the microG conserves oil better. A little bit of concentrate lasts a long time with the MicroG vaporizer. 

    The matte-black casing gives it a high-end quality and also makes it easy to grip. The MicroG is lightweight, about 4” long and 1” thick, so it easily fits into your pocket.

    How does the MicroG vape pen work?

    With each draw on the MicroG vape pen, air moves through the holes located on the silver band on the side of the device, past the heating coils, and over your concentrate or oil on top of the screen. After your concentrate or oil is heated to temperature, it melts through the screen down onto the coils. This is how the MicroG vape pen works.

    How do I use the MicroG vape pen?

    The MicroG is finished charging and ready to use when the red light turns off. To fill the pen, remove the mouthpiece and put your concentrate or essential oil on the screen. Replace the mouthpiece, making sure that the pieces are secured. 

    To turn the pen on, press the button 5 times (the button will flash blue). To engage the heating element, press and hold again. The coil will stay lit for 15 seconds before turning off automatically. If you are able to inhale for 15 seconds and want to continue your hit, just press the button again as you continue to inhale.