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    In an effort to uphold the highest quality standards, all of
    Marley One products are non-GMO and free of gluten, pesticides, and herbicides. Every formula includes organic mushrooms and USP grade organic alcohol, as well as organic brown rice to ‘feed’ the fungi. In addition, the packaging is resistant to light to ensure a long shelf-life of the tinctures.

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    Marley One offers the following Mushroom Tinctures:

    One Rest Mushroom Tincture

    One Rest Mushroom Tincture is Reishi mushroom-based with GABA which helps reduce fatigue, stress and overwhelm while it boosts your immune system.

    One Harmony Mushroom Tincture

    One Harmony Mushroom Tincture is Chaga mushroom-based with ginger which helps soothe the stomach and protect against illness.

    One Flow Mushroom Tincture

    One Flow Mushroom Tincture is Cordyceps mushroom-based with ginseng which helps improve ATP production and reduce inflammation.

    One Mind Mushroom Tincture

    One Mind Mushroom Tincture is Lion's Mane mushroom-based with ginkgo biloba which helps increase a sense of calm with brain-boosting benefits.

    One Body Mushroom Tincture

    One Body Mushroom Tincture is Turkey Tail mushroom-based with astragalus which helps ward off illness as it protects your immune system.

    About Marley One

    A Marley family brand, Marley One believes in creating products that benefit not just each one of us as individuals, but also the idea that nature is central to helping us all become one. By keeping the philosophy and name of Bob Marley alive, Marley One wants to connect his universal message with the needs of modern consumers.

    As a leader in the legal functional mushroom space since 2018, the Silo Wellness parent company has focused on developing the best products designed to enhance the body and mind. The company’s primary focus is helping people overcome any issues, such as taste, reliability, and stigma, that prevent them from trying functional mushrooms. Headshop is happy to offer Marley One products!