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    Magical Brands, formerly Magical Butter, is the #1 brand in the micro-extraction market. As the first countertop botanical extractor, the Magical Butter MB2e device is engineered to infuse the essence of herbs into butter, oil, lotion, and more.

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    Considered the world's first botanical extractor, Magical Butter pulls all the beneficial plant nutrients into butter, oil, alcohol, and lotion. Not only does it make the job easier when baking pot brownies, but it is also wonderful simply drizzled into your coffee and incredibly useful when added to any number of different recipes. Tools for extracting cannabinoids and THC have now become big business.

    Magical’s innovation and product ecosystem is currently dominating the DIY cannabis edibles market with a distribution network of more than 20,000 retailers and 300,000 customers. Magical Butter is sold in 40+ countries with international B2C-B2B-D2C partnerships. 

    About Magical Butter

    Garyn Angel is the founder of Magical Butter. According to Garyn, it all started in February 2011 when a friend with Crohn's disease was considering alternative treatments. Cannabis showed promise as a remedy for digestive issues, but the question was how to extract the beneficial properties without the smell of marijuana permeating the house?

    Angel envisioned a double boiler that would work on a grill. He was able to put together a prototype at his machine shop. However, it wasn't precise enough. Its function had to be more than a slow cooker. He needed to calibrate the heat and mixing speed required to extract the nutrients from any plant. Ultimately, he designed an automated appliance with a microprocessor embedded in it that looks like a fancy stainless steel coffee pot.

    Magical Butter is a first of its kind appliance designed to extract the maximum benefits from plant botanicals into your diet. Many people using Magical Butter’s patent-pending technology have reduced or eliminated their dependence on prescription medication by adding botanical extracts.