Whatever the situation, whether it’s increasing focus, getting a better night’s sleep, relieving stress, or soothing aches and pains, LEVEL has a unique cannabinoid blend specifically for that. The company has developed a range of doses and intake methods to help users discover what their body responds to best, regardless of any previous experience with cannabis.

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    Ultimately, LEVEL hopes to help consumers find the right solution for a given situation.

    About LEVEL

    Founded in 2015 by Chris Emerson, PhD, Chief Scientist and CEO, LEVEL is a cannabinoid research and development company focused on cannabis and its potential to deliver new highs with targeted effects.

    LEVEL utilizes the well-known cannabinoids of CBD and Delta-9 in its formulas, in addition to the lesser known cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, Delta-8 THC, THCA,, THCV, and THC all packaged into dissolvable and swallowable tablets.

    LEVEL Provides A Better Cannabis Experience

    Some people have reported a dreadful first encounter using cannabis. For others the experience may have been good overall but inconsistent. For those who want to try to get the benefits of cannabis for the first time but don’t know where to begin, consider LEVEL. Cannabinoid products by LEVEL were scientifically developed to consistently deliver the desired effects.

    LEVEL Protab™, Hashtab™ & Tablingual™

    LEVEL provides three ways of consuming cannabinoids: The Protab™ and Hashtab™, which are tablets that should be swallowed with water, and the Tablingual™, which is a tablet that should be dissolved under the tongue.

    The Protab™ is a cannabis concentrate formulated into a tablet for oral consumption that is available in 25mg low or 100mg high doses.

    The Hashtab™ is a cannabis concentrate formulated using cold water hash into a tablet for oral consumption that is available in 25mg low or 100mg high doses.

    The Tablingual™ is a tablet that is dissolved under the tongue for sublingual consumption that is available in a 5 mg microdose,