One of RYOT’s hottest products today is its patented Kannastör Grinder. The grinders are built from 60/61 premium food-grade quality hardened aluminum for performance and durability for as long as the user owns the grinder. In addition to the superior fluffy grind, the top lid provides extra storage, and the modularity of these devices easily break down for use on the go.

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    About Kannastör Grinders

    Established in 2000, RYOT designs and manufactures modern smoking products and accessories. The company tagline is “made for smokers by smokers.” RYOT was founded by Mark Staiano who saw a need for smoking devices and other products that could carry, conceal, and store cannabis. The company name RYOT is an acronym for Roll Your Own Tobacco.

    The company has positioned itself as a household brand that customers can trust. Because people know the RYOT brand name, they know what kind of products they’re getting. And that’s a high-quality, useful product. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but customers get a product that is designed well and constructed in a functional way at an accessible price. When it comes to product enhancements, all customer feedback is recorded for consideration by the engineering team.

    Known as the Top Quality Herb Grinder on the Market

    Always known as the top quality herb grinder on the market, the company’s designers and engineers work diligently to ensure the grinders operate at the highest level. Every new design feature undergoes a series of functionality, strength, and performance testing before heading into production. All aluminum parts are chemically bathed and anodized, then carefully inspected to eliminate any impurities. Every Kannastör Grinder is personally inspected to ensure the highest quality and covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. 

    Aside from its unique tooth design 1- to 4-piece herb grinders, the Kannastör brand also produces high quality accessories to include Keif Presses, Standup Spoons, GR8TR V2 Series Storage Pucks, and 2-Piece Pendant Pucks.