The K. Haring Glass Collection brings beautiful works of functional art into the consumption culture. Haring’s funky imagery has graced the glass pipe world in colorful bongs, hand pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, rolling trays, ashtrays, and chillums are made of premium borosilicate glass. Each piece is aesthetically designed with the vibrant strokes of Keith Haring while delivering excellent flavor of your dry herb or concentrate.

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    K.Haring Tray - Headshop.com
    K.Haring Tray - Headshop.com
    K.Haring Tray

    About Keith Haring

    Haring became famous for his street-inspired art. He was also a forerunner in his use of fashion and products to connect his artwork to a diverse, international audience. A visionary who used groundbreaking imagery, Haring united pop art with New York City street culture to create his own iconic brand of artwork that continues to excite and inspire.

    The K. Haring Glass Collection

    The K. Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards reflects a blend of modern art, functional pieces, and lifestyle products with the bold, iconic images of renowned artist Keith Haring. A creative visionary and social activist, Haring spread messages of love, peace, compassion, and equality in his artwork.

    The K. Haring Taster

    With the popular K. Haring Taster, customers can take dry herb anywhere. Made of borosilicate glass, this taster is a convenient dry herb pipe that allows users to enjoy a small amount of dry herb with style and discretion. Near the open end of the taster, the design features Haring’s artwork as a wrap.

    The K. Haring Bubbler

    Featuring a fixed bowl and downstem, The K. Haring Bubbler is a showerhead percolator with eight slits that provide advanced water filtration for cool smoke. The bell-shaped bubbler has a flared bottom for extra stability. The bubbler has Haring’s iconic designs hand applied on the base and neck.

    The K. Haring Rolling Tray

    The visually striking K. Haring Rolling Tray is made of heat-resistant thick Ultra white glass that serves as a killer surface for concentrate or dry herb session prep. There are four iconic design options to select from.